Upper School


Clubs are a great way for you to participate in extracurricular activities both in and out of school. They can help you to develop your interests and to gain a sense of responsibility and service to the school and the larger community. Students are recommended to participate in at least one club, but many find they enjoy being involved in multiple clubs.

The clubs offered vary each year depending on the interest of the students. Any student may start a new club at the beginning of the school year by signing up and finding a faculty sponsor. Club leaders must check in with their SFC representative once a month to share with them what they are doing and attendance. The following is a list of recent student clubs:

Animal Awareness Club

Leaders: Lexi Butler and Kiana Lashley
Faculty advisor: Mrs. Cover
Animal Awareness club hopes to raise awareness of animal cruelty while also helping shelters provide good and supplies for animals. The club will sponsor fundraisers, supplies drives and visit shelters. The club will meet on Fridays during Flex.

Astronomy Club

Leader: Mick Togo
Faculty advisor: Mr. Hoch
If you are interested in learning more about the stars, please join us to expand your knowledge of the night sky. The club will meet on Wednesday nights in Mr. Hoch’s room and the observatory.

Beats and Poetry

Leaders: Chris Schorn and Ben Spiro
Faculty advisor: Mrs. Sysko
This club hopes to spread knowledge about the hip-hop culture and music.  Members will  learn about the style, art and history of hip-hop. They will create presentations and possibly  create their own music by year’s end. The club will meet during Activities period in Mrs. Sysko’s room.


Leaders: Morgan Carpenter and Kiera Wendel
Faculty advisor: Ms. Malloy and Ms. Morrow
DFRC- Delaware Foundation Reaching Citizens with Intellectual DisAbilities
DFRC is a volunteer-based organization in Delaware devoted to helping citizens with intellectual disabilities. They host numerous events in Delaware to spread awareness and have educational programs. DFRC also reaches out to schools through DisAbilities Awareness programs that educate students. Our main goal is to spread awareness, reach out to members of the community, and focus on Ability rather than disAbility. This club will meet bi-weekly  in the Lecture Hall.

Bollywood Club

Leaders: Hita Kambhamettu and Jasmine Minhas
Faculty advisor: Ms. Marlowe
This club welcomes all who are interested in or want to learn more about Indian culture. Members will watch Bollywood movies and music videos and discuss how we can help improve conditions in third world countries. Members will explore the world of Indian dance and could potentially host a performance where the club hopes to raise money for those in need in India. The club will meet once a week during Activities in Ms. Marlowe’s room.

Books for Children

Leader: Ann Guzzetta
Faculty advisor: Señora Caimi
Books for Children is a charity organization designed to collect books for schools and children in need. Members are responsible for collecting books, helping organize books during drives, and advertising for drives. All types of books are graciously accepted and appreciated. This club will meet periodically in Señora’s room and meetings will be announced via email.


Leaders: Judy Chen, Allen Wu
Faculty advisor: Mr. Addis
The goal of this club is to introduce Tower Hill students learn more about Chinese culture. The club hopes to increase awareness of Chinese culture through hosting a traditional Chinese festival, having monthly presentations, and experiencing the food, art and calligraphy of China. The club will meet biweekly during Activities period in Mr. Addis’ room or during lunch.


Leaders: Camryn Allen, Ashleigh Brady, Lexi Lungo, Sabrina Luther, Alexis Wrease
Faculty advisor: Dyann Connor
The goal of this club is to spread the awareness of diversity, equity and inclusion throughout the school by promoting and celebrating the similarities and differences of each unique individual, thus creating a safe and understanding community. The main events hosted throughout the school year consist of Movies that Matter which focus on core social identifiers, International Dinner, Diversity Day.  The club will meet regularly after school in Mrs. Connor’s room.

Feminism Club

Leaders: Alex Bak, Amanda DeShane, Lauren Formanski
Faculty advisor: Ms. Kummer
The Feminism  club will focus on the ideals of equality and equity for all genders. Members  will discuss the waves of feminism and watch short, fun documentaries as well as doing some fundraisers and activities. Goals for the club include educating all on the ideals of feminism and gender equality and to enter in John and Hank Green’s “Project for Awesome.” The club will meet in Ms. Kummer’s room every third week, or when time allows. Anyone who is interested in diversity and equality should join the club, no matter their age, gender, etc.

Forum Council

Leader: Paritosh Raval
Faculty advisor: Ms. Malloy
Forum Council's purpose is to introduce the Forum Speakers, meet with the speakers, pick topics and speakers for next year, and have a debate every year. The club hopes to inform the student body about issues related to the Forum and to augment the speakers. The club will meet once a month when announced in room 141.

Green Keys

Leader: Katie Gianforcaro
Faculty advisor: Mr. Ushler
Green Keys is a club that represents Tower Hill Admissions. The main commitment to the club is to help guide tours at the Open Houses. Prior to an Open House, the club will meet to learn about the tour to give prospective parents and students.  The more students the better! The club will meet in the Admissions Office a few days before any admissions event.

Improv Club

Leaders: Lindsey Wenzel
Advisor:  Ms. Marlowe
Improv club is one that lets you be yourself through fun games, collaborating with others and various scenarios.  An added bonus is that you will laugh a lot and relieve stress!  The goal will be to perform in front of the Upper School at one point throughout the year. We will meet each week in the drama room during Flex.

Jefferson Awards

Leaders: Lexi Butler and Brandon Nitsche
Faculty advisor: Ms. Morrow
The Jefferson Awards for Public Service are a prestigious national recognition system honoring community and public service in America. The Jefferson Awards are presented on two levels: national and local. They began in 1972 to create a Nobel Prize for public service. Today, their primary purpose is to serve as a "Call to Action for Volunteers" in local communities.
Students In Action a component of the Jefferson Awards is a national youth recognition and reward program, designed to pass the tradition of service and volunteerism on to the next generation of young Americans. This club will meet twice a month  at lunch or during Activities.

LAN (Local Area Network) Club

Leader: Ethan Yao
Faculty advisor: Mr. McCarthy
This club will allow people with an interest in eSports to connect and socialize. The club hopes to host small LAN parties once a month in order to connect a larger group of friends with similar interests.The club will meet in Mr. McCarthy’s room.

Literature and Film Club

Leader: Nic Fort
Faculty Advisor: Ms. Kummer
The goal of this club is to expand minds through literature and film while furthering our analytical skills and philosophical reasoning. The club plans on teaming up with Books for Children and also wants to promote literature awareness by projecting pages of books in morning assembly. This club is only open to seniors and upon approval of both leader and faculty advisor.  The club will meet in Ms. Kummer’s room Mondays and Tuesdays at lunch.

Lit Page

Leaders: Ali Caimi, Blair Isken, Julia Molin
Faculty advisor: Ms. Hubler
The Lit Page is a club to encourage the creativity and arts in the students at Tower Hill.  It is also a place for student works to be published and displayed. The club takes submissions of poetry, photography, drawings/artwork, stories, quotes, book/song/movie reviews, or anything considered art. The club will every week during Flex or lunch in Ms. Hubler’s room.

Math League

Leader: Judy Chen
Faculty Advisor: Mrs. Jordan
Math League is a national competition designed to test the mathematical abilities of different schools. There are four different meets in Delaware, in which students are given word problems to solve individually and as a team. There are multiple teams made from Tower Hill, so all are welcome! Math League meets once before each meet in Mrs. Jordan’s room.

Mock Trial

Leader: Sam Barrett, Nic Fort, Paritosh Raval
Faculty advisor: Mr. Waesco
Mock Trial is a club dedicated to preparing students to compete in the Delaware State Mock Trial Competition in February. Each year there are two teams, a prosecution/plaintiff and the defense team, with three attorneys and three witnesses on each side. The club combines elements of public speaking, debate, acting and understanding of the law. We meet regularly in 141 on Wednesdays and  after school and on Sundays from November until the end of February.

Model U.N.

Leader: Rory Britt
Faculty advisor:  Mr. Toy
The mission of this club is to familiarize students with the process of diplomacy, discuss current events, participate in mock U.N competitions and learn how the UN functions as a tool of diplomacy for the international community. We will focus on creating a building an experienced team who will be able to complete at any level of competition. The club will meet  weekly in 141 or in Mr. Toy’s room as well as during some lunches.

Ronald McDonald House

Leaders: Ann Guzzetta and Lindsay Foster
Faculty advisor: Sra Caimi
The mission of this club is to spread awareness of the Ronald McDonald House and to help support it through volunteerism and fundraising.  The club will meet on every three weeks during Activities in Sra Caimi’s room.

Physics Club

Physics Club is a group designed for people who enjoy exploring and tinkering with different realms of science. Most of the club's activities will focus on the creation of cool subjects of interest, such as rockets, tesla coils, engines, and any ideas that the club members may bring. Along with this, members will study the causes and effects of how these items function to better explore the world of science. In essence, we make cool things that do cool things.

Playwriting and Screenwriting

This club will explore playwriting and screenwriting skills and help develop a greater appreciation of both the drafting and revising processes. Meetings will be held either during lunch and/or the activity period in Ms Lincoln's classroom. They will be modeled after the Playwriting Workshop conducted by published playwright Ms. Kate Aspengren last year who will continue to support us this year. We will use interesting writing prompts, read dialog aloud and workshop scenes from students' pieces. As work progresses we may try to produce a few "shorts" to show or act for an audience.

The Rubble

Leaders: Sam Barrett and Catherine Habgood
Faculty Advisor: Mr. Scibilia
The Rubble is a digital student union, a place where students can get information about school events, view photos and videos, and read articles on student life. Anyone interested in contributing can either do so as a member of the club, and be a part of the staff, or students can feel free to submit items individually. This club will meet Thursdays at lunch in Mr. Scibilia’s room.

Science Olympiad

Leaders: Sabrina Luther and Josephine Thrasher
Faculty Advisors: Dr. Escobar
Science Olympiad will allow all club members to further explore the different types of sciences and further investigate common themes of science while integrating hands on building and lab experiments in a less stressful environment. We will prepare for the Delaware Science Olympiad Competition which takes place in March. There will be frequent meetings to prepare and organize. The meetings will be held for researching, testing events, and constructing for building events.  These meetings will take place during Flex and on some weekends.

Spirit Club

Leaders: Dougie McCoy, Cole Neville and Jamie Spruance
Faculty advisor: Mrs. Applegate
Spirit club will help promote and hopefully increase attendance at sporting events and recognize our many student athletes. Each Monday, Spirit Club will send out an email recapping the results from the week before and notifying the student body  of the games in store for the coming week. It is our goal to create incentives for students to come to the athletic events. There will also be specific dates for cookouts, tailgates, and themed-dress games. The club is also asking the sports captains to pick one home game that they think is most important for students to come to, so Tower Hill  can have a guaranteed themed cheer section. Captains please contact any of us with your pick. Members will meet weekly in Mrs. Applegate’s room.

Sportsman's Club

Leaders: Kyle Bosse
Faculty Advisor: Steve Van Vechten
The Sportsman's Club is a club devoted to gathering students who have an interest in shooting sports including trap, skeet and sporting clays. The club will hold monthly events/competitions at places like Wilmington trap and M&M Sporting Clays. No experience or special equipment is needed to join this club so it is open to anyone. The club will meet twice a month on weekends and Sunday afternoons.

Winter Skiing Club

Leader: Sam Barrett and Ben  Crain
Faculty Advisor:
The Winter Sports Club is for all ski and snowboard enthusiasts who want to get some extra time on the mountain this winter. Activities during meetings include basic mountain etiquette, lots of ski/snowboard movies, and, of course, planning one ski trip this winter. NOTE: Trips are not funded by Tower Hill.  Think snow! This club will meet two times a month in the tunnel classroom, November through March.

Young Democrats Club

Leaders: Nic Fort
Faculty advisor: Mr. Bagley
Young Democrats club will provide and outlet for talking politics in a a liberally-minded way, foster debate and spread awareness throughout the school.  We will discuss politics in meetings and possibly stage a mock primary in the spring for the entire student body.  We also hope to coordinate with other groups to encourage debates.  The club will meet twice a month in Mr. Bagley’s room during Flex or lunch.

Young Republicans Club

Leaders: Michael Gianforcaro, Jamie Spartin and Jamie Spruance
Faculty advisor: Señora Caimi
Young Republicans club is an organization that brings together like-minded students to discuss the relevant political issues of the day. This club will meet twice a month in 141.