Upper School

Student/Faculty Council

Student/Faculty council is the opportunity to have a voice in how the school is run. Its purpose is to improve the quality of Upper School life and to provide a forum for better communication between the faculty, students, and the administration by discussing all aspects of school life. The council is composed of 16 Upper School students, 3 faculty members, and the Dean of Students.


President: The duties of the president are to preside over meetings, to write the agenda, and to inform all members of their responsibilities. In addition, the president shall make a yearly report in which he or she shall review the council’s accomplishments and present them to the succeeding council and Upper School. The SFC president also is an important part of the Honor Board, serving as a consistent representative and chooses the appropriate student representatives for each Honor Board hearing.

Vice-President: The duties of the vice-president are to assume all responsibilities of the president in his or her absence and to assist the president in his or her duties. The Vice- President is also responsible for overseeing the Peer Mentoring program.

Secretary: The duties of the secretary are to record and distribute the minutes of meetings, to publish agendas, notices, reports, or other council work submitted for duplication, to maintain the files and bulletin board. The Secretary is also responsible for communicating the SFC weekly email to the student body.

Treasurer: The duties of the treasurer is to support the secretary in his/her duties as well as keep track of all fiscal responsibilities for Student-Faculty Council. The Treasurer is responsible for checking in with club leaders once a month and will provide SFC with monthly updates.

Duties of Elected Officers

The duties of all members are to assume responsibilities as representatives and leaders of the student body or faculty and to participate fully in all matters of the Student-Faculty Council, including Student-Council sponsored events. Student representatives lead announcements at class meetings and and participate on the honor board as outlined (see On My Honor). Class co-chairs are responsible for helping Head Class Advisors with attendance and day-today events pertaining to the class. They also collect money for Jeans Days and give it to the appropriate point person.

Representatives’ Election Process

Students elect two male and two female student members to SFC from each class each spring of the preceding year, and the faculty elect three representatives in the fall upon return to school. The newly elected nominees in the junior class are eligible to be considered for the position of President. Each of the nominees will speak to the Upper School student body, giving the reasons they should be elected, and the student body and faculty will select the winner. The members of the Student-Faculty Council will vote for all officers other than President in the fall.