Artists in the Gallery

Each month of the school year, Tower Hill School is fortunate to have talented artists display their works in the Founders’ Gallery, the school's art gallery dedicated to the eleven founding fathers of the school. Opening receptions are generally held on the first Friday evening of the month, coinciding with the Wilmington Art Loop. Students benefit from the opportunity to meet artists and ask questions about their craft, perspectives and careers.
Susan Benarcik
Opens Friday, Sept. 8, 2017 with a reception from 6-8 p.m. in the Founders' Gallery

Artist Statement: Fashioned out of natural and found materials and almost never representational, my works are based on observations of natural forms and patterns created by living organisms. It is the unusual, unfettered, random, organic beauty that is in some cases transformed by time, the elements, or even human interaction that inspire me to design and craft two and three dimensional work on paper and sculptural forms.
Gardens, meadows, greenhouses, forests, and beaches offer an abundance of organic material in differing modes of evolution or de-evolution. It may be the chance observation of a starling murmuration that drives me to create an orchestration of obsessively crafted, small components that mimic this fluid phenomenon. Alternately, inspired by the irregular path that a busy insect creates, I might use an abundance of harvested vines to craft my own irregular, suspended sculpture. My works on paper are layered or collaged with organic mediums, papers, pigments, partial images, stitches and wax. Much like the protective strata of tree bark, or the human psyche, some areas lay bare, others remain concealed.
In many cases, my work has been referred to as unconventional. In all cases my work alludes to that which is not made with a formula, it is curious, temporal and impermanent, it reflects the random and organic variations and transformations that appear in the natural world, and are in-part influenced by human kind. 
Elise du Pont Zoller '76
Opens Monday, Oct. 2, 2017 with a reception from 5:30-7:30 p.m. in the Founders' Gallery

Artist Statement: Painting is a complete joy. I enjoy looking at the fall of light and the reflection of color as light bounces from a surface upwards or sideways. The interiors of porches are a marvelous example of color and light in motion, which is why I paint so many. Many New England houses are painted white, providing planes on which light has free rein to change color. It moves with its own life, a deep and silent well.

I attended Tower Hill for ten years and graduated from Princeton University in architecture. I’ve studied drawing and painting at the Academy of Realist Art in Boston and Masters Academy in Springville, UT and have been painting and selling oils for twenty years.     
My work has appeared in Arthur Little’s Paintings of Maine, Down East Books, 2006, and my pen and ink illustrations are featured in Ron Strickland’s biography, Pathfinder: Blazing America’s Finest Trails, Oregon State University Press, 2011. I have recently branched out to write and illustrate a book for middle grade readers titled The Tale of Oramus and Jane.

Rich Feldmann
Opens Friday, Jan. 5, 2018 with a reception from 6-8 p.m. in the Founders' Gallery

Rich Feldmann's cartoons have been published in The New Yorker and by the Princeton University Press, The History Press, Le Figaro and in other magazines and journals. He and his family live in Wallingford, Pennsylvania. To purchase or publish any of Rich’s drawings, please email