Artists in the Gallery 2016-17

Each month of the school year, Tower Hill School is fortunate to have talented artists display their works in the Founders’ Gallery, the school's art gallery dedicated to the eleven founding fathers of the school. Opening receptions are generally held on the first Friday evening of the month, coinciding with the Wilmington Art Loop.
Melis Agabigum—Friday, Sept. 9

Agabigum is a recent graduate of the Master of Fine Arts program at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She received her MFA in 2016 from UWM in Intermedia: Jewelry/Metals, Installation art, Sculpture, and Fibers. Melis received her BFA in Art&Design from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor in 2013. Her experiences as an artist and educator range from serving as an Instructor of Record in 2D and 3D, as well as serving as a studio assistant to Metalsmith Arline Fisch at the Penland School of Craft in 2014. Currently, Melis is working as an Instructor of 3D at the University of Michigan Pre-College BFA portfolio prep program.

Provoked by an interest in material fiction, Melis’ work examines the notion of burden that individuals carry from their relationships. Her soft sculptures explore the unseen tether of the physical and emotional weights that affect individuals in how they perceive their connection to others, their bodies, and space.—Melis Agabigum Website

Watercolor Botanical Illustrations by Peggy Weymouth and
Drawings and Oil Paintings by Timothy Weymouth—
Friday, Oct. 7

Artist Statement - Peggy Weymouth
My botanical illustrations include works based on local and more exotic plants. Watercolor enables me to mix colors, be precise, and express what is true to the plant. I enjoy the challenge of the work. I belong to the Pennsylvania Society of Botanical Illustrators and have been chosen many times to show my work at the Philadelphia Flower Show with our group.

Artist Statement - Timothy Weymouth
My part of the show is meant to show that art, like all journeys, is a process, not just finished work. As a scientist and artist, the scope of what you see reveals many artistic experiments in recent years. Some works are accompanied by the sketches that led me to certain conclusions. I have learned that good art comes from persistence, humility, and knowing when to stop and let the work speak for itself.

The Delaware Photographic Society presents "Images of the Natural World"—Friday, Nov.4, 2016

Many members of the Society have spent much of their time observing and photographing nature's diversity at home and in pristine corners of the planet. Some of the images show wildlife activity such as feeding, flying, babies and predators. Some of the Society members' best images have been collected for this exhibit. The photographers include Jerry amEnde who won the Ward Museum Wildlife Photography Competition grand prize this year.

Contemporary Iranian Art in Colored Pencil by Mehdi Jadali—Friday, Dec. 2

Artist Statement: "Art is a process, not an event. When we listen to a piece of music or look at a painting, the process that began the moment the artist started to create the piece will become a collaboration. Any time we engage with a piece of art we begin to collaborate with the artist and interpret the piece in ways as varied as our own stories.—Let's collaborate"

NWAA: New Wilmington Art Alliance—Friday, Jan. 6

PRACTICE is a juried show, exploring the theme of "practice." We practice skills and behaviors; we practice sports or professions; we practice compassion, generosity, patience, music, medicine, art and many other things. Where is the distinction between practice and performance? Is there something that we practice for? Is perfection even something that can be attained?

This show will feature performance art by William Fields , a collaborative performance piece by John Hvasta and Dani Galietti and artworks in a range of media by Vivienne Cameron, Connie Newby, Tara Booth, Shannon Woodloe, Chuck Schultz, Paul Andreas, Eboni Bell, and more.

Super Hero inspired Art by Luigi Ciuffetelli and Franco Ciuffetelli—Friday, Feb. 2

Luigi Ciuffetelli is a commercial advertising and editorial photographer based in Wilmington, Delaware. On a daily basis, he creates imagery for magazine, large and small companies, and individuals in the corporate world. Luigi is also an artist creating imagery and artifacts in many different mediums. The Super Hero Pop art, are photographs of toy figurines then manipulated in photo shop and printed on Canvas. Luigi’s inspiration comes form the works of Picasso and Warhol.

Franco Ciuffetelli is a Delaware born and based artist. He studied and graduated from Delaware College of Art and Design with an Associates Degree of Fine Arts with a focus on Animation. He is an avid comic book and film enthusiast and his art draws heavily from both of these influences. Franco’s work consists of pen and ink illustrations as well as watercolor and acrylic paintings. He is inspired by artist’s like Alex Pardee, Skottie Young, Salvador Dali, Dave Mckean and Simon Bisley to name a few. 

Faculty Art Show—Friday, March 3

To be strong teachers of art, we need to commit ourselves to being artists first.  Life can't seem to get out of it's own way sometimes, yet this show comes around every March, ready or not.  It is a reminder for our department to keep moving forward, not to stagnate or slow down, but to keep that flame lit. —Rich Pierce, Art Department Chair
Artist’s Statements:
Rich Pierce: "I thought I went as far as I wanted to with longboards, having achieved the look I was seeking a number of years ago. I realize now there are still miles and miles to ride on that road.”
Rowena Macleod: Educated at the University of Delaware, the University of Pennsylvania and the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston, Rowena Macleod has developed the art form of "compeinage", a term she has coined for her unique combined style of painting and collage.  Rowena's images implore us to look inward, past the obvious, toward a real confrontation with our shared inner human condition. 
Abby Patterson: Holding an MFA from Pratt Institute and years of experience doing spacial design for Bergdorf Goodman, Abby describes her work as spatial and formal, leaving the viewer with an abstracted narrative.
Torrey Kist: "I want my paintings to reflect the unsettled nature of living- to seem sometimes frenetic and layered, yet beautiful and colorful, uncontrolled.” Kist holds a Masters in Fine Arts Painting (MFA) from Savannah College of Art & Design.

    • Melis Agabigum - When You told me to “Go Long,” I Should Have Asked “How Far”

      Melis Agabigum - When You told me to “Go Long,” I Should Have Asked “How Far”

    • Timothy Weymouth - "A Snowy Day"

      Timothy Weymouth - "A Snowy Day"

    • Jerry amEnde- Great Horned Owlets

      Jerry amEnde- Great Horned Owlets

    • Mehdi Jadali

      Mehdi Jadali

    • Tara Booth - Sculpture

      Tara Booth - Sculpture

    • Franco Ciuffetelli - Joker

      Franco Ciuffetelli - Joker

    • Luigi Ciuffetelli - Captain America

      Luigi Ciuffetelli - Captain America

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