Tower Hill Launches NEW Strategic Plan

Tower Hill embarked on an ambitious, community-wide initiative in 2016 to fully embrace and engage in a thorough and bold strategic planning process. Committee members met to contemplate the future of education, the changing global workplace and Tower Hill's strengths and opportunities moving forward. Approved by the board of trustees in May 2017, the plan reaffirms Tower Hill's mission and sets a framework for outlining differentiators as a leader in independent schools locally and nationally.

Three major areas of focus are outlined below, along with examples of emerging and possible initiatives. Periodic updates on progress in each area will be shared with the Tower Hill community.

Exhilarating Education

Develop Tower Hill students’ communication, reasoning and leadership skills and prepare them to become active contributors to their communities and the world through an innovative, exhilarating and timeless educational experience.

• Implement a student-centered approach to teaching and learning that empowers our students to become self-aware, passionate and self-directed learners.
• Prepare students to communicate in a global world. Build an environment in which students gain a global perspective and engage with and communicate about other cultures.
• Prepare students for a constantly changing world by leveraging technology to inspire innovation and creative problem solving.
• Implement exciting and relevant experiential learning programs for students to use their skills in real-world scenarios.
• Establish a visible and high-level commitment to environmental stewardship.

Building Community

Tower Hill students and faculty will be deeply connected to their community, their world and each other. They will view themselves as change-makers and problem-solvers.

• Develop a culture that supports and sustains a diverse community.
• Attract the best and brightest by making Tower Hill affordable to all qualified students.
• Engage with a broad external community to provide meaningful academic and service learning opportunities as a consistent part of the THS experience.

Investing in Faculty

Commit to the ongoing development, recognition and support of current faculty as well as a reinvigorated focus on the recruitment of new teachers.

• Attract and hire the very best faculty and staff, broadening our searches, enhancing both the creativity and scope of our hiring practices.
• Invest in highly competitive salary and benefits packages to ensure that Tower Hill is able to attract and retain the best faculty and staff. 
• Ensure that Tower Hill teachers have extensive and invigorating opportunities to continue their professional development, become experts in their disciplines and have the opportunity to reach their full potential as exceptional educators.
• Invest in a robust teacher evaluation program with high expectations for a highly professional and collegial culture, as well as continuous and creative support of teachers across disciplines.

January 2016 –
Tower Hill partners with Art & Science Group on a comprehensive institutional strategy and positioning study, informed by a committee of faculty, trustees and administrators. 
February 2016 – Market research begins. Focus groups conducted with teachers, students, parents and administrators on campus. 
April 2016 – Online survey completed by current parents. 
April – May 2016 – Interviews with prospective families that did not enroll, as well as leaders in education locally. 
August – October 2016  – Findings and recommendations presented to committee, trustees, faculty, parents and Alumni Council. 
September 2016 – January 2017 – Strategic Planning committee drafts plan. 
February – May 2017 – Draft plan shared at sessions with administrative team, faculty, parents (200 attendees), Alumni Council, Upper School students and former trustees. 
April – May 2017 – Online survey collects feedback from faculty, parents, alumni and students.  
May 2017 – Plan finalized and approved by Board of Trustees. 
September 2017 – Implementation begins. 

Ben du Pont ‘82
, Trustee, P ‘20, ‘24, Co-Chair
Julia Stone, P ‘19, ‘23, Co-Chair
Jon Abramczyk, Trustee, P ‘15, ‘18
Arturo Bagley, History Faculty Member  
Madeleine Bayard ‘97, Rodel Foundation of Delaware
Rory Britt ‘18, Student
Louise Conaty ‘17, Student
Sutton Faller, Quintiles, P ‘20, ‘22
Paul Harrell, Delaware Commission on Early Education and the Economy, P ‘94
Dan Hickey, Ed.D., Head of Upper School/Assistant Head of School, P ‘18, ‘22
Eric Johnson, M.D., Trustee, P ‘16, ‘18
Orin S. Kerr, J.D. ‘89, George Washington University
Teresa Messmore, Director of Communications and Marketing, P ‘27 and ‘29
Lois Miller, Home and School Association Vice President, P ‘18, ‘22, ‘25
Anthony Pisapia, Chief Innovation and Information Officer, P ‘25, ‘27, ‘31
Lea Gummey Quimby ‘86, Lower School Faculty Member, P ‘17, ‘17
David P. Roselle, Ph.D., Trustee, GP ‘19, ‘21
Michelle Shepherd, Chair of the Board of Trustees, P ‘20, ‘22
Bessie Speers, Head of School, P ‘19
Leslie Sysko, English Department Chair, P ‘21, ‘24
Tim Weymouth, Science Faculty Member, P ‘27