Theater Department Philosophy

The Theater Department offers formal training and production experience in a wide span of acting and stagecraft styles and periods in the Upper School, and in the Middle School technical training in stagecraft and playwriting. In the Lower and Middle Schools, the department seeks to support the school's academic curriculum by infusing drama in the classroom in a variety of disciplines such as reading and social studies. Students come away with confidence in public speaking and performing before an audience.

Upper School Fall Play: Oct. 25-27
12 Angry Jurors
On a hot summer day after a long trial, a jury must decide whether a young man is guilty of murdering his father. The jury votes 11-1 that the man is guilty of the crime, but laws in the United States require a unanimous vote by all 12 jurors in order to pass judgment. Tempers flare as the eleven jurors try their best to convince the one dissenter to come around to their side. As the evidence is re-examined, however, new uncertainties come to light, forcing everyone to truly question if there is in fact some measure of "reasonable doubt." Twelve Angry Jurors is a heightened courtroom thriller that puts you on the edge of your seat while powerfully exploring what it means to live in a democracy.

Fourth Grade Show: Jan. 24
Destination America 
Eighth Grade Show: Jan. 29
Haunted Hillers

Spring Musical: April 24-26
Into the Woods