Lower School

Character Education

Tower Hill believes that learning extends well beyond the classroom and takes character education seriously, emphasizing that responsibility requires action, not simply good intentions.

In the Lower School, a character curriculum is an integral component of daily teaching. A school Code of Conduct, which encompasses traits of respect, responsibility and honesty and is introduced in preschool, is reinforced throughout each grade level.

Community service projects are executed every year in each grade, providing a hands-on understanding of the value of service to others. We help our Lower School students understand that service is not always simply collecting money for something outside of school, but it also involves helping people within our own community.

Character Education Examples

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Code of Conduct

As a citizen of the Lower School:

I pay attention to the world around me.  
I notice how I treat others and I am kind.  
I understand that it is my job to take care of my environment.  
I recognize that we are different and that we learn from each other.  
I am honest about what I do and say.
I work together with my friends and teachers to make my school a safe and enjoyable place for all of us.