Middle School

Character Education


The Middle School Chapel Program is a faculty run, nondenominational assembly for the entire Middle School community. One day a week students and teachers gather to listen to a personal presentation given by a faculty member. The presentation is often a life lesson illustrating the importance of a “signature strength,” such as responsibility, empathy, sportsmanship, honor or respect.

The goal of the Chapel is to inspire students to take note of their actions, paying particular attention to how their actions, positive or negative, affect others.


Advisory Program

The Middle School advisory program provides students and teachers the opportunity to get know one another in small group environment. A faculty advisor meets with a group of 10 advisees three times a week to help them navigate the waters of middle school life. Advisors act as a sounding board, a voice and an advocate for each advisee.

Over the course of the year, the advisor helps each student find academic success, develop a strong moral character and become a self-advocate. Advisors communicate regularly with parents and hold formal and informal conferences.