Character Education

At Tower Hill, we believe that character is comprised of those values that lead to self-respect, dignity, reverence and the concern for the lives of others. We know that the development of character emerges in early childhood and continues to develop throughout one’s lifetime.
Character education is a fundamental part of the curriculum for our youngest learners. The students are introduced to age-appropriate character traits that are important to their personal growth as well as their growth within the community. 

Being mindful of the social and emotional development of young children, we are explicit in how we model and teach character education, utilizing fun, creative ideas and strategies that match the students’ emerging cognitive capacities.

Code of Conduct

As a citizen of the Lower School:

I pay attention to the world around me.  
I notice how I treat others and I am kind.  
I understand that it is my job to take care of my environment.  
I recognize that we are different and that we learn from each other.  
I am honest about what I do and say.
I work together with my friends and teachers to make my school a safe and enjoyable place for all of us.