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    Playing sports at Tower Hill does not guarantee that you will be recruited at any level. If you are not a recruited athlete, your sport will not play a significant role in admission. If you are a recruited athlete or feel confident you will be a recruited athlete, keep reading for helpful information on how the process might be different for you.
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  • ARTS

    Are you considering a major in music, art, dance, or drama? If so, read on!
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    The process for entering one of the United States service academies is a different one than the traditional college application process. It is quite a bit more complex and multi-layered, and admission to a service academy depends not simply on academic and test credentials but also on passing physical examinations and, in most cases, receiving a nomination from a U.S. senator or congressperson.
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    The admission process for international students (anyone without a U.S. passport or Green Card) applying to U.S. colleges and universities is quite different from that in other countries; it is more complex, often more confusing and can be difficult to understand because it is one of the few systems worldwide that does not guarantee students based on a set of leaving marks or exam scores alone. Rather, this process of applying to U.S. universities and colleges (for any student) is nuanced and often utilizes information more subjective in nature than just a student’s grades and standardized test scores.
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