Upper School

Service Learning

The purpose of Tower Hill's Community Service requirement is to provide a meaningful contribution to the community, and a unique experiential educational opportunity for the student. By extending the boundaries of school, the service requirement strives to engage students in the world outside of their own, build upon their existing skill set, and broaden his/her horizons.
Service projects are to be select activities that are distinctly different from the student's normal, daily experiences. Exposure to a variety of diverse people and cultures will allow the student to explore, learn and discover perspectives different from his/her own.  We encourage students to step outside their comfort zones and embrace the challenge of gaining a deeper understanding of themselves as well as others.
Prior to beginning their service hours, students will need to submit an online Service Proposal/Questionnaire articulating clear service learning goals. These forms may be found on the Towernet resource page under “school forms”.

The service must be:
  • Approved by the Director of Service Learning, BEFORE the project is begun.  Projects that are not pre-approved will not be accepted.
  • Non-paying and be performed outside of Tower Hill.
  • Performed during the 9th, 10th, or 11th grade year. *New students entering tenth or eleventh grade must complete the full requirement. New students entering twelfth grade are required to volunteer a minimum of fifteen hours prior to graduation.
  • Completed (including all paperwork/forms) by opening day of the student’s senior year.
  • Performed for an individual or a community whose culture/circumstances are different from the student's.
  • Evaluated by the student and the project supervisor at the conclusion of the project using the proper forms.
The student may perform his/her service after school, during an athletic season off, on weekends, school breaks and summer vacations.  Service proposals for volunteering at one's church, synagogue, dance or music school will not be accepted unless the student wishes to be involved in outreach through that organization.  Students may not work directly under the supervision of a parent or close relative.

It is hoped that through the service experience the student will encounter people, places, and situations that challenge ways of thinking that had previously been taken for granted. The service should challenge preconceptions, raise questions and embrace different ways of thinking, whereby engaging the student in a process of self-discovery, social responsibility and growth.  The reciprocal nature of learning and giving through community involvement is a cornerstone of our program.

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Examples of Upper School Service Projects

  • Dodgeball tournament to raise money to buy Thanksgiving turkeys
  • Hiller Harvest food collection and delivery
  • Support our troops/cell phones for soldiers
  • Ronald McDonald House Club working with Tower Tots on Halloween bags for residents of the facility
  • Blood Drive
  • MLK Day service activities 
  • Stocking Stuffer for Urban Promise
  • 'Stamp Out Hunger' with the U.S. Postal Service 
  • Food Bank of Delaware
  • Delaware State Park clean-up/restoration
  • Habitat for Humanity