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Social Justice

Social Justice Program in the Upper School

Tower Hill's Upper School strives to foster an inclusive environment where students can truly be themselves. Director of Social Justice Dyann Connor works with faculty and students to develop programming that inspires thoughtful, respectful dialogue and encourages deeper understanding of classmates and the broader society. 
Mission/Philosophy: In alignment with our commitment to social justice and equity, Tower Hill will offer intentional programming for students to complete throughout their four years in Upper School. This curriculum is designed to give students historical, social and cultural perspectives in the following areas:
  • African American History
  • Systemic Racism
  • Expression of Identity
Students will have the opportunity to learn, dialogue, question and listen.  These courses will increase student understanding, connection, healing and commitment to building an engaged and diverse community. This will be a graduation requirement for all students. 
Curriculum by Grade Teams:
Required for all Grade 9 students: 
Course Content focuses on African American History and 2020 Worldwide Black Lives Matter Protests
Required for all Grade 10 students: 
Course Content focuses on Systems of Racism in Education, Housing, Judicial System, Health Care, Jobs
Required for all Grade 11 and 12 students:
Affinity Groups
General Expectations for the US grade 9-12 Program:
  • Mandatory participation to graduate
  • Any newly enrolled grade 11-12 students are required to to take the grade 10 curriculum on systemic racism.