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Student Leadership and Involvement

Tower Hill believes that every student is capable of developing leadership skills and offers a wide range of opportunities for students to get involved and lead. Leadership skills include communication, cooperation, team-building, leading by example, problem solving and implementation. Positions available include student government offices, board chairs, board representatives, club leaders, athletic captains and peer tutors.

Student Government Association

Student Government Association
The Student Government Association (SGA) upholds Tower Hill’s core values of honesty, responsibility and respect throughout student life. SGA is made up of class officers, board chairs, four Class Deans, Assistant Head of School and Head of Upper School. SGA serves as a voice for the student body, listens to problems and concerns, helps facilitate change, strives to improve community pride, upholds the honor code and fosters leadership and citizenship among all students in the Upper School community.

Any student who holds a leadership position on SGA must commit to attend all meetings and SGA events throughout the school year.

Student Senate
This group is made up of the following elected officers:

Class Officers:
Student Government Association: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer
Senior Reps: President, Vice President, Secretary
Junior Reps: President, Vice President, Secretary
Sophomore Reps: President, Vice President, Secretary
Freshman Reps: President, Vice President, Secretary (will be elected at the beginning of second quarter)

Elections SGA Officers are nominated by the junior class, must have a faculty sponsor, and then have the option of running for SGA President. This process entails making a speech to the Upper School student body, running a campaign, and participating in a question and answer session. Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors vote for SGA President. Following the election of the SGA President, individual classes will hold elections for class officers during their class meetings.

SGA promotes collaboration and student empowerment through its Board system. Each Board represents the pillars of our program: Arts, Athletics, Activities, Communications, Environmental Stewardship, Global Initiatives, Green Keys, Green and White, Honor, Discipline, Service, Social and Social Justice.

These Boards are essential to the student leadership experience and involvement within School life. They represent the core pillars of our Upper School program and work collaboratively to promote their mission and greater awareness of their area within the community. The student chair(s) of each Board attend SGA meetings and should report back to their Board members when they meet. Boards are asked to present/host at least one event during the year and/or make a presentation to the Upper School about what they do. Each Board has a faculty advisor who helps facilitate bi-weekly meetings of the Board, review the Board’s purpose and plan events/activities for the year. Boards should meet at a mutually convenient time with everyone on the Board. Students should be actively involved in these events from start to finish! 

Board Structure
Leadership of Boards is open to junior and seniors only. There will be two representatives from 10th through 12th grades on each Board. Ninth grade students can run for Board membership at the beginning of second quarter. Students should hand in self-nominations for leadership positions and Board membership. Student Senate members will elect the chairs and members for each Board. No student may hold more than two leadership positions at one time (this does not include sports captains). The Honor and Disciplinary Boards will have a slightly different structure. Each Board will have a faculty advisor.

Board Chairs
Board Chairs are responsible for calling and running bi-weekly meetings, providing agenda, posting minutes, listening and helping to implement initiatives. They also must attend biweekly SGA meetings, where they will present a report from their Board. Board chairs also must be certain to lead their particular Boards in accordance with the mission of that Board. Each Board is required to hold an orientation session for its members where guidelines are established, run a community awareness assembly for the Upper School and promote the Board’s mission.

Leadership Conduct
All students at Tower Hill are expected to abide by the core values of honor, responsibility, and respect. Student leaders are expected to lead by example and should:
  • Serve as role models in the classroom, on the athletic field, in a performance and anywhere else they represent Tower Hill, both on and off campus. 
  • Abide by the Honor Code at all times. 
  • Be active in moving SGA forward. 
  • Act as a voice of the people, prioritizing the needs of the community

Removal From Office
Failure to meet the obligations of office, such as regular attendance at meetings, or helping to plan/run events, may lead to removal from the Student Government. A student may be asked to step down from an elected position if he/she/they is not fulfilling responsibilities or if he/she engages in behavior that reflects poorly on him/herself/themselves, the class or the school. Likewise, if a 47 leader violates a major school rule, he/she/they may be required to resign from his/her/their post.