Planned Giving

Planned Giving is a wonderful way to deepen your relationship with Tower Hill School. This gift program represents an opportunity for you to celebrate and invest in Tower Hill's past, present, and future by means of creative and flexible options that benefit both you and Tower Hill. It also qualifies you for membership in the Forever Green Society.

Many people think that Planned Giving is only for people with complex estate plans. Not true! Planned Giving is simply a means of making a non-traditional gift to Tower Hill School, and that gift does not have to be made as part of estate planning. To be sure, planned giving can be an important part of an estate plan, but anyone can make them - at almost any time! Many people make several planned gifts over their lifetime, with many starting as early as their 30s, because of the flexibility and benefits offered by these special gifts.

Below you will find some specific areas of Planned Giving. Feel free to click on a gift area and explore the possibilities that each area offers.

For more information or to schedule a confidential meeting to discuss your individual or family needs, please call the Advancement Office at 302-657-8353.

Forever Green Society

The Forever Green Society recognizes the alumni, parents, and other members of the Tower Hill School community who establish a planned or deferred gift arrangement with the school. Examples include:
  • bequests
  • retirement plan assets
  • life insurance policy
  • real estate (life tenancy or fractional interest)
  • charitable lead trust
  • charitable remainder trust
A bequest intention or a planned gift of any size qualifies a donor for membership in the Forever Green Society. Unrestricted gifts are usually added to the school's endowment, while other gifts may be made to a variety of established funds; conversely, a donor may wish to establish and name a new fund. Naming opportunities may be discussed with the Director of Advancement at the donor's convenience.

Membership in the Forever Green Society is a testimony to a donor's commitment to a quality Tower Hill education and perpetuates the donor's legacy with the school. Providing for Tower Hill in this way serves to provide leadership in philanthropy and to extend such leadership to the greater school community, thereby sustaining the school.

For further information on joining the Forever Green Society, please contact the Advancement Office at 302-657-8353.

Planned Gift Opportunities

  • Bequests
    Bequests are the easiest and most convenient way to support Tower Hill School with a planned gift. You can direct a certain percentage of your estate to Tower Hill or a specific amount. Click on the link above for more information, including specific wording to include Tower Hill in your will.
  • Business Interests / Partnership Interests
    You may have business or partnership interests (real estate, oil & gas, limited liability company, etc.) that could be turned into a gift that benefits both you and Tower Hill School due to favorable tax treatment. This gift vehicle allows you to make a gift without having to access your own cash reserves or investment portfolio, and can even provide you with life income. Click on the link above to see how you might make this kind of meaningful gift to Tower Hill.
  • Retirement Assets -- 401(k), 403(b), IRA, Keogh
    Add Tower Hill as a beneficiary in your retirement plan(s), or make a gift from them, if you are currently taking distributions. You may also wish to use these assets to form a charitable trust. Click on the link above for more information.
  • Real Estate
    Worried about selling that piece of property? Will the sale put you in the position of having to pay a capital gains tax? Or is your situation the following? You are older and your home is your greatest asset. You would like to make a meaningful gift to Tower Hill, but do not want to sell your house to do so because you enjoy the security of owning and living in your home. Click on the link above for some innovative thinking on how to make a gift to Tower Hill by using your real property.
  • Life Insurance
    An existing whole life policy that is no longer needed is a great gift idea. Conversely, a new policy with Tower Hill as the owner & irrevocable beneficiary will allow you a yearly tax deduction in the amount of the premium. Click on the link above for more information.
  • Charitable Trusts
    There are two types of trusts that may be of interest to you: a charitable remainder trust or a charitable lead trust. Each has advantages.  Click on the link above for a full description of each trust and what it could mean to you and your family.