Career Opportunities

Tower Hill School recognizes and celebrates the fact that outstanding teachers make for an exceptional student experience. Our faculty build valuable connections with students that motivate academic excellence and shape character development — in the classroom, on the fields and out in the community. Every day, our teachers model the intellectualism and growth mindset that we foster in our students.

Founded in 1919 in the entrepreneurial spirit of creating a model day school for Wilmington and the country, Tower Hill School serves students age three through Grade 12 under one roof. Our student-centered approach incorporates personalization and innovation, while building upon a strong traditional foundation. Teachers are the heart of the school, and on any given day in any given classroom, you will encounter curiosity, rigor and laughter. In fact, investing in faculty is a core element of our strategic plan.

To apply for a position or express interest in future opportunities, please contact Dean of Recruitment Dyann Connor at

Teaching Openings

List of 6 items.

  • Chemistry Teacher

    • Chemistry Teacher
      The chemistry teacher is responsible for delivering scientific content in an engaging and meaningful way in line with the mission and goals of Tower Hill School. The candidate should have a passion for science and a demonstrated interest in cultivating scientific understanding and analytic thinking in high-school aged students. The science curriculum at Tower Hill goes beyond the traditional textbook and incorporates real-life examples, hands-on and inquiry-based experimentation, and non-traditional sequencing to fully engage the interdisciplinary nature of chemistry. We seek a teacher who can build on this existing foundation. The science department at Tower Hill holds fundamental a willingness and ability to differentiate challenging topics for a wide variety of learners, a deep understanding of research design and principles including lab development and chemical safety, support for diversity, inclusion, and equity in science teaching, and a commitment to the core belief that all students are capable of meaningful scientific understanding given the correct tools and support.   
      Essential Functions

      • Teach four sections of 10th Grade Chemistry and/or Honors Chemistry
      • Work with other science teachers to develop and implement hands-on, student-centered laboratory investigations in line with science curriculum.

      • Work collaboratively with chemistry teacher to implement horizontally aligned curriculum across sections
      • Interact with parents and maintain an open dialogue with families to support student success

      • Serve as an advisor to 6-8 students in the Upper School

      • Engage fully with THS community including, but not limited to, participation at all school-wide assemblies, faculty meetings, department meetings, various faculty supervisory duties. Ability to engage with student life or athletics a plus.
      • Demonstrated competency with current teaching technology and an interest in advancing its use in the classroom.
    • Desired Qualifications     

      • B.S Chemistry, at least 3 years teaching experience at the high school level, demonstrated chemical safety/laboratory experience
      • Student-centered approach to science education, experience with classroom technology such as Vernier
    • Preferred:

      • Master's (or above) in Chemistry, teaching experience in independent schools, demonstrated experience in scientific research or laboratory design, experience designing chemistry curriculum
      • Demonstrated interest in teaching high school aged students, growth mindset and willingness to engage in self-reflective teaching practice

    • A cover letter and a copy of a recent resume should be sent to Mrs. Dyann Connor, Dean of Recruitment, at
  • Director of Center for Innovation

    Director of Center for Innovation - Tower Hill Educational Hub (THE Hub)

    The founding Director of Center for Innovation - THE Hub will have the opportunity to create, oversee, and deliver a 21st-century information sharing and collaboration strategy and space for Tower Hill School - in ways that transform and go well beyond library services, particularly with regard to digital/blended learning, student agency, and experiential learning. The Director ensures and supports creative and effective use of the center, technologies, and opportunities for innovation, in order to serve the needs of students and teachers. The Director will provide cutting edge leadership, management, and support for THE Hub in such a way as to meaningfully embed the many resources, labs, and collaborative opportunities into the academic infrastructure and culture of the School. The Director will have the opportunity to create a culture and space that is truly the academic, social, and innovative heart of the school. Successful candidates will have a background in or working knowledge of:  innovation and entrepreneurship, aspects of library and information science, information and communication technology, academic technology, classroom education, student life, and leadership. Impeccable organization skills as well a growth mindset are a must.
    Specific responsibilities include (and are not limited to):  
    • Create opportunities for engagement between people, information, and technology while supporting the mission of Tower Hill School.
    • In collaboration with the Director of Social Justice, promote our school’s commitment to social justice, anti-racist, anti-bigotry initiatives via the displays, bulletins, programs, resources, and decor.
    • Manage the operations of each component of the THE Hub: collections, technology, innovation commons, digital design lab, fab lab, and resource commons.
    • In collaboration with the Dean of Students, develop a student leadership program, to run before/during/after school hours, that will help the community be accountable for the operations of each component of THE Hub; oversee the student leaders of each area of THE Hub.
    • Coordinate all reservations and activities of THE Hub to maximize student and faculty use of the resources.
    • Maintain a collaborative learning space that maximizes student and faculty use of resources; collect and assess data to evaluate student/faculty benefit and usage to ensure alignment of programs.
    • Develop and manage the budget for THE Hub services.
    • Participate in committees, program review processes, technology strategy conversations, and online programming committees, while ensuring representation of THE Hub on other related working groups.
    • Promote the THE Hub’s resources to students and faculty while also assisting them in meaningful use of the resources.
    • Promote the THE Hub’s resources to current parents/families as well as prospective students/families.
    • Supervise the day-to-day operations of THE Hub, establishing operational schedules, and ensuring a lively buzz and level of student excitement about the space and its  relevance to their learning experience
    • Supervise the acquisition of both print and non-print materials and the delivery of digital databases and services.
    • Work on grant proposals for THE Hub’s resources, in collaboration with Advancement.
    • Work with faculty to implement institutional goals across the curriculum.
    • Supervise after school hours in THE Hub, making the THE Hub accessible to students and faculty who wish to utilize resources beyond the school day.
    • Consider social ways to ensure that THE Hub becomes a comfortable, warm, and exciting place for students to gather, learn, explore, create, and imagine student centered events such as poetry slams, author readings, cabarets, and other creative events.
    • Report to the Dean of Teaching and Learning for supervision and evaluation.
    • Meet regularly with the Student Support Team to discuss school-wide support issues and plan for professional development opportunities such as THE Collaboratory.
    • Effectively discuss THE Hub’s purpose and value with the larger Tower Hill community and parents, reimagining traditional library related functions.
    • Perform other duties and tasks as deemed necessary and appropriate by the Dean of Teaching and Learning.
  • Lower School Classroom Teacher

    Ideal candidates should possess the following credentials and qualities:
    • A Bachelor’s Degree or higher
    • A minimum of 2-3 years of experience as a lead teacher
    • Fundamental understanding of the social, emotional and cognitive development of lower school students
    • Ability to effectively differentiate a rich and varied curriculum based on best practices and current research
    • Commitment to innovation and working collaboratively with colleagues
    • Commitment to addressing issues of social justice, diversity, equity, and anti-bias education in the curriculum and in our community while fostering an inclusive and diverse learning environment
    • Strong background in teaching critical literacy skills such as reading comprehension, narrative and expository writing, grammar and vocabulary; experience with Reading and Writing Workshop is helpful
    • An understanding of differentiated foundational mathematical instruction that focuses on developing number sense, deeper conceptual understanding and problem solving; experience teaching Singapore Math is helpful
    • Experience with teaching social studies and using instructional technology
    • Ability to use a variety of instructional strategies to facilitate higher level thinking and maximize student engagement
    • A joyful spirit encouraging compassion, patience, and caring
    • The ability to reflect on one’s own teaching to adapt lessons to meet different abilities and interests
    • Experience establishing and maintaining standards of student behavior needed to achieve a functional, positive, and respectful learning atmosphere in the classroom
    • Commitment to communicate respectfully, clearly and honestly in verbal, electronic and written form with parents, administrators, and colleagues regarding curriculum, students, and child development issues 
    • A positive, enthusiastic, flexible and warm personality with a passion for creating a love of learning in all students
    • A desire to stay current in contemporary pedagogical thinking, strategies and techniques through further education, reading, workshops, conferences, etc.

    A cover letter and a copy of a recent resume should be sent to Director of Social Justice and Dean of Recruitment Dyann Connor at
  • Science Teaching Fellow (“Tower Hill School STEM Fellow”) in Chemistry/Biology

    Job Summary
    STEM Teaching Fellow in Chemistry/Biology is an early career science educator wishing to learn from experienced science faculty at Tower Hill School and develop his/her own teaching experience through a combination of independent teaching and close mentoring by our faculty. The Fellow will be expected to participate fully in the school community while also working to develop the teaching skills required of a full-time, autonomous faculty member. The science department at Tower Hill holds fundamental a willingness and ability to differentiate challenging topics for a wide variety of learners, a deep understanding of research design and principles including lab development and chemical safety, support for diversity, inclusion, and equity in science teaching, and a commitment to the core belief that all students are capable of meaningful scientific understanding given the correct tools and support. Tower Hill School values the interdisciplinary nature inherent in STEM and seeks an early educator who committed to furthering the use of real-world applications/problem-solving and inquiry-based laboratory work.
    Essential Functions
    • Teach 2-3 sections of high school Biology, Chemistry, or a combination

    • Shadow existing faculty in biology and chemistry and student-teach a variety of lessons at various levels (College Prep., Honors and Advanced)
    • Shadowing Middle School and Lower School Science faculty at various levels                                           
    • Work with other science teachers to develop and deliver sample lessons for more advanced classes, engage in observation of existing faculty, demonstrate an interest in and willingness to learn to use current teaching technology in the classroom. When needed, support lab preparation and breakdown.
    • Engage fully with THS community including, but not limited to, participation at all school-wide assemblies, faculty meetings, department meetings, various faculty supervisory duties. Ability to engage with student life, clubs, and athletics a plus.
    Desired Qualifications
    • Required: B.S in Biology or Chemistry
    • Demonstrated interest in teaching high school aged students, growth mindset and willingness to engage in self-reflective teaching practice
    • Preferred: Experience with independent schools
  • Substitute Teachers and/or Proctors

    Tower Hill is looking for energetic and motivated substitute teachers and/or proctors to work with teachers at all levels, from Preschool to Upper School, in a hybrid learning environment. Qualified candidates will have a bachelor’s degree and enjoy working across different disciplines. Flexibility in schedules is helpful as there are times we need a substitute without advanced notice. 
    Substitutes will be provided with lesson plans from the full-time classroom teacher and are asked to follow those in a way that ensures consistency and optimal learning. In addition to providing a positive learning environment, substitutes will also fulfill any duties that the full-time classroom teacher was assigned for the day(s) they serve as the classroom teacher. 

    Proctors will be charged with various duties, ensuring classrooms run smoothly at the direction of remote instructors.
    Preferred candidates will possess a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Education and experience working with groups of children.

    A cover letter and a copy of a recent resume should be sent to Ms. Dyann Connor at
  • Kaleidoscope After School Program

    Tower Hill is looking for energetic and dependable candidates to work in the Kaleidoscope After School Program. Preferred candidates will possess a bachelor’s degree in education or experience working with groups of children.

    A cover letter and copy of a recent resume should be sent to Cindy Sardo, Director of Auxiliary Programs at

Staff Openings

List of 3 items.

  • Director of Campus Safety and Security

    The Director of Campus Safety & Security (the “Director”) will maintain a safe and secure environment for students, employees, and visitors by helping to develop, establish and enforce safety and security policies, access control procedures, accident prevention efforts, support risk management efforts, fire, safety, emergency management, asset protection, parking control and traffic enforcement programs.
    The Director works to develop staff, to improve physical security processes and controls, and to enhance the School’s diverse, inclusive and welcoming environment. This position works in collaboration with school leaders and state and local law enforcement partners to ensure policy application aligns with Tower Hill School’s mission and values as well as maintains and fosters positive working relationships with the local police, fire marshal and other community organizations.
    The Director’s daily focus is on developing, implementing, and managing programs designed to effectively address security and school safety needs. The Director will supervise and coordinate all work done by the security staff, will work closely with the Facilities Director and Associate Head, and will report to the CFO.
    • Coordinate a comprehensive security/school safety program, policies and procedures by studying school operations and schedules; establishing internal controls; conducting inspections as appropriate; reporting potential hazards to appropriate departments; updating policies, plans and standard operating procedures;
    • Coordinates school safety compliance with federal, state and local regulations by studying existing and new requirements and overseeing and enforcing school-wide adherence to requirements;
    • Conducts and coordinates safety, security and emergency preparedness training by creatively implementing best practice in safety, security and emergency preparedness with proper adaption to the environment;
    • Secures facilities, equipment, students and personnel by working in conjunction with the appropriate departments in recommending safety and security equipment purchases and upgrades;
    • Maintaining records of fire and other emergency drills and conducting drills on a regular basis with the Facilities Director.  Supervise and maintain access control;
    • Director participates in regular professional development to stay current on laws, policies and procedures regarding school safety.
    • Attends safety committee and other school meetings as necessary, including ones for safety and crisis management;
    • Prepares memos, reports, drawings, etc. related to safety and traffic issues on school campus; presenting them to appropriate school administrators;
    • Coordinates with site-based administrators and the facilities department to address and correct safety/security issues on school campus;
    • Serves as a liaison with local law enforcement agencies. Working directly with local law enforcement agencies during critical incident situations and follow up; and
    • Assists in the development and implementation of security plans for special events.
    Preferred Experience or Training
    • Approved Police Academy or equivalent, National Fire Academy, Emergency Management Institute, Security Training Programs or other comparable training programs
    • Tactical Response Training
    • Bachelor’s Degree
    • Emergency Management Certification
    • Criminal Justice Fingerprint
    • Background Clearance
  • Director of Communications and Marketing

    The Director of Communications and Marketing position provides Tower Hill School with a broad set of skills, experience and leadership in print and electronic communications, marketing, social media and graphic design to articulate and communicate the school’s identity and unique characteristics to key constituencies. The Director of Communications and Marketing will work closely with the entire senior leadership team, including the Directors of Admission and Advancement, Associate Head and Head of School. 

    Among other responsibilities, the Director of Communications and Marketing will:
    • Serve on the school’s Crisis Management team, including the current COVID-19 response.
    • Support and position the Head of School in appropriate ways, including drafting various messages and communications in order to serve the school’s best interests.
    • Continue to implement a communications/marketing plan, incorporating consistent themes that support the strategic initiatives and priorities established by the school.
    • Develop and implement various means of communication to ensure that parents, alumni, faculty/staff and friends of the school receive regular, timely and up-to-date information.
    • Have overall responsibility for electronic presence, including the website and social media, and oversee the creation and integration of content for electronic media.
    • Serve as a writer, editor, web-based communicator, production coordinator and, often, graphic designer, in coordination with the rest of the communications team.
    • Oversee production of all publications and published materials, print or electronic, to ensure consistency and brand identity.
    • Manage communication/marketing-related budgets.
    • Serve as liaison to vendors of print- and web-based services.
    • Oversee the management and acquisition of photographs and videos for use in Tower Hill's print and electronic materials.
    • Work with representatives of school constituencies to ensure that Tower Hill's web pages are unique, distinguish the school and are consistent with the school’s mission and values.
    • Maintain brand and visual identity by leading graphic/signage initiatives on campus.
    • Exhibit use of market research and data analysis in implementing communication and marketing strategies.
    The successful candidate will have as part of her or his professional history:
    • Substantial and relevant full-time experience with public relations, writing, editing and publications project management in a corporate or educational setting.
    • Experience in an independent school environment is a plus.
    • Marketing experience, including firm grasp of traditional and electronic advertising mediums and experience in contract negotiation and ongoing analysis.
    • Excellent communication and editing skills.
    • The minimum of a Bachelor’s degree, preferably in journalism, communications, public relations or a related field.
    • Refined interpersonal skills and experience of working effectively with colleagues, constituents and contracted specialists.
    • Proven ability to manage projects and departmental budgets.
    • Outstanding organizational skills and attention to detail.
    • Experience with digital photography.
    • Flexibility, adaptability and ability to be a self-starter and independent worker.
    • Demonstrated ability to manage multiple and complex tasks and projects within stated schedules and with hard deadlines.
    • Supervise a communications team that works closely with an integrated marketing and communications approach. 
    • Ability to multi-task, meet deadlines and manage many different projects at once.
    • Excellent computer skills, including knowledge of current desktop publishing software, preferably Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop/Lightroom. No HTML or other programming experience is needed for the website.
    To be considered for this position, applicants should send a cover letter, résumé, at least two writing samples and other examples of professional work to - Dyann Connor, Director of Social Justice and Dean of Recruitment.
  • Substitute Nurse

    Tower Hill School seeks substitute school nurses for per diem coverage in a PreK-12 independent school setting. Additional long term substitute coverage is needed in the spring of 2020. The successful candidate will be student-centered and committed to a team approach to school-wide health and wellness. This position requires a high degree of interpersonal communication and organizational skills in addition to general nursing duties. Experience in pediatric or community health is preferred. 

    A cover letter and a copy of a recent resume should be sent to Ms. Dyann Connor at

    • Graduate of an accredited RN nursing program 
    • Active Delaware Registered Nurse License (or compact state)
    • Must have at least two years of clinical experience 
    • Current BLS certification
    Preferred Skills: 
    • Previous School Nursing Experience or experience providing healthcare to school-aged children
    • PALS certification
    • Monitor and maintain health screening/immunization information
    • Ability to multitask in a healthcare environment
    • Serve as a liaison between school personnel, family, and community healthcare providers to ensure a healthy school environment

    Position Detail:
    • This is a per-diem (as needed) position.
    • These positions are on-call, as needed positions to fill in for our regular school nurse in their absence. There is no guarantee of hours with these positions. 
    • School hours are 7:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday
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Diversity and Inclusion

At Tower Hill School we believe that diversity and inclusion enrich the educational experience and strengthen our overall community. Varied perspectives are a source of strength, creativity, enrichment and renewal in the Tower Hill community. These values are found in both our mission statement and in our institutional goals. Learn more here.

Tower Hill School does not discriminate in its educational, admissions and personnel programs and policies or activities on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, age, religion or religious creed, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, disability or any other characteristic protected under applicable federal, state or local law.

Professional Development

Tower Hill faculty members are lifelong learners who embrace professional development opportunities. We believe that there is a moral imperative implanted in professional development as we teachers, coaches, aides, and administrators, in so many ways, play critical roles in the lives of our students. If learning is a lifelong process, and it is, educators must be paragons of scholarship and mentorship. In addition to in-service days offered throughout the year, teachers take part in Tower Hill Educators' (THE) Collaboratory each fall, a full day of professional development that features both guest and in-house workshop leaders. This event enables faculty members to gain a collective understanding of the complexities of teaching and learning. Teachers are also encouraged and supported to pursue workshops, conferences, diversity/equity/inclusion training such as the annual NAIS People of Color Conference, and other types of continuing education that further their craft. The Faculty Development Committee approves funding for the pursuits of individual teachers so that they can attend training opportunities in their own "zones of proximal development," making PD a perfect fit for each teacher's level of training. Teachers also have numerous opportunities to coach athletics, serve as student advisors, mentor student government groups and participate in the arts, as their professional goals and interests dictate.The noble commitment to ongoing professional development at Tower Hill School, evinced by the countless hours of school-supported training opportunities that educators seek out for themselves in their respective disciplines, is also endorsed by the founding of our Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) in 2016.

About Wilmington

Wilmington, Delaware, and the surrounding Brandywine Valley are known for a thriving corporate environment and a dynamic cultural landscape. Wilmington’s economy benefits from Delaware’s business-friendly financial laws and judicial system, and residents enjoy a very low tax structure and modest housing prices. The city is a national financial center for the credit card industry and hosts numerous large organizations such as DuPont, J.P. Morgan, Capital One, AstraZeneca, Incyte, AAA, Bank of America and Widener University Delaware Law School, as well as tech startups.  

Winterthur, Longwood Gardens, the Delaware Art Museum, Hagley, Trolley Square and the Riverfront are among the area’s many attractions, and Wilmington’s excellent fine dining scene was recently featured in Food + Wine magazine. The city’s direct highway access and Amtrak service link it easily to nearby Philadelphia, with Baltimore, New York City, Washington, D.C., Delaware beaches and the Poconos located inside of a two hours’ drive.

Wilmington offers much to those who call it home, and Tower Hill faculty and parents find the area to be a great place to raise a family. Learn more.

Benefits of Employment at Tower Hill

Health & Wellness
Medical Insurance
Dental Insurance
Vision Insurance
Access to Fitness Facilities  

Work-Life Balance
Paid Sick Time
Paid Personal Days
After School Program Included on specific days

Financial Security
Competitive Salary Band Structure
403(b) with Matching Component
Life Insurance
Long-term Disability Insurance
Medical Flexible Spending Account

Tuition Remission
50% Tuition Coverage for Graduate School
Discounted Summer Camp