Career Opportunities

Tower Hill School recognizes and celebrates the fact that outstanding teachers make for an exceptional student experience. Our faculty build valuable connections with students that motivate academic excellence and shape character development — in the classroom, on the fields and out in the community. Every day, our teachers model the intellectualism and growth mindset that we foster in our students.

Founded in 1919 in the entrepreneurial spirit of creating a model day school for Wilmington and the country, Tower Hill School serves students age three through Grade 12 under one roof. Our student-centered approach incorporates personalization and innovation, while building upon a strong traditional foundation. Teachers are the heart of the school, and on any given day in any given classroom, you will encounter curiosity, rigor and laughter.

To apply for a position or express interest in future opportunities, please contact Dean of Recruitment Dyann Connor at

Teaching Openings

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  • Chemistry Teacher

    The chemistry teacher is responsible for delivering scientific content in an engaging and meaningful way in line with the mission and goals of Tower Hill School. The candidate should have a passion for science and a demonstrated interest in cultivating scientific understanding and analytic thinking in high-school aged students. The science curriculum at Tower Hill goes beyond the traditional textbook and incorporates real-life examples, hands-on and inquiry-based experimentation, and non-traditional sequencing to fully engage the interdisciplinary nature of chemistry. We seek a teacher who can build on this existing foundation. The science department at Tower Hill holds fundamental a willingness and ability to differentiate challenging topics for a wide variety of learners, a deep understanding of research design and principles including lab development and chemical safety, support for diversity, inclusion, and equity in science teaching, and a commitment to the core belief that all students are capable of meaningful scientific understanding given the correct tools and support.         
    Essential Functions
    • Teach four sections of 10th Grade Chemistry and/or Honors Chemistry
    • Work with other science teachers to develop and implement hands-on, student-centered laboratory investigations in line with science curriculum.

    • Work collaboratively with chemistry teacher to implement horizontally aligned curriculum across sections
    • Interact with parents and maintain an open dialogue with families to support student success

    • Serve as an advisor to 6-8 students in the Upper School

    • Engage fully with THS community including, but not limited to, participation at all school-wide assemblies, faculty meetings, department meetings, various faculty supervisory duties. Ability to engage with student life or athletics a plus.
    • Demonstrated competency with current teaching technology and an interest in advancing its use in the classroom.
    Desired Qualifications      
    • B.S Chemistry, at least 3 years teaching experience at the high school level, demonstrated chemical safety/laboratory experience
    • Student-centered approach to science education, experience with classroom technology such as Vernier
    • Master's (or above) in Chemistry, teaching experience in independent schools, demonstrated experience in scientific research or laboratory design, experience designing chemistry curriculum
    • Demonstrated interest in teaching high school aged students, growth mindset and willingness to engage in self-reflective teaching practice

    A cover letter and a copy of a recent resume should be sent to Mrs. Dyann Connor, Dean of Recruitment, at
  • Director of Service Learning

    Job Summary
    Consistent with the mission of Tower Hill School, the Director of Service Learning works with the school’s leadership and faculty in the design, development, oversight, and implementation of the academic Service Learning Program. The director assists community partners, service learning faculty, and students to developing mutually beneficial service learning partnerships; works collaboratively to carry out Tower Hill's mission; coordinate events to connect service learners with appropriate service opportunities (e.g., Jefferson Awards, speaker panels in the classroom, service learning trips); and gathers and acts upon feedback from the community partners on their satisfaction with the service learning process. In addition, coaching or teaching responsibilities may be part of the duties.

    Major Duties and Responsibilities
    • Direct the Tower Hill Service Learning Program
    • Explore opportunities for student service learning experiences at a variety of community agencies. This includes site visits.

    • Develop and lead meetings and workshops designed to assist community partners to become more effective at facilitating service learning experiences for students from varied backgrounds.

    • Maintain files and necessary documentation for student experiences.
• Meet with division leaders, faculty and departmental curriculum committees to formulate course objectives and develop course content related to service learning.

    • Assist faculty to identify useful community resources including guest speakers, locations for site visits, experiential opportunities. 
• Collaborate with course faculty, develop appropriate evaluation tools to assess the achievement of course objectives related to service learning.

    A cover letter and a copy of a recent resume should be sent to Mrs. Dyann Connor, Dean of Recruitment, at

  • English Department Chair (Internal)

    Department Chairs lead and oversee the development and implementation of their department’s curriculum, pedagogy, and assessments in grades 5 - 12, and provide influence in curriculum decisions K-4. They also manage the departmental budget and are leaders in the wider school community by helping to advance strategic priorities as set by the school and in collaboration with the Department Chair Committee.

    Department Chairs report directly to the Assistant Head for Academics in this role. They are also overseen by division heads both in relation to their teaching responsibilities and in issues related to each division.

    Department Chairs typically teach one less section than other department members. between departments due to different demands of the role and different structures of departmental teaching loads.

    As program leaders department chairs use software or other tools & frameworks agreed upon by the school to:

    1. Manage overall scope and sequence through effective communication: Lead department members in ensuring the proper flow of content and skills within the department, with reference to appropriate benchmarks or standards. Connect with others in three divisions, as appropriate, to develop a flow of content and skills across and between departments, divisions and programs. Ensure that information about curricula is exchanged fluidly between and within divisions.

    2. Oversee course quality: Collect course syllabi and major assessments to review each course’s structure, scope and sequence. Ensure that each course is well designed and fits well with the goals of the department and the school. Lead departmental discussions and initiatives that will strengthen teachers’ skills, the department’s program and the school’s goals.

    3. Oversee fairness: Periodically as needed, review each course’s major assignments and grading systems to ensure that assessment is consistent with the goals of the course, the department and the school. Make sure that both assessments and grading are fair and reasonably consistent between different instructors. Ensure that student placements are consistent with departmental guidelines and that parents are well communicated with in regards to placement decisions.

    4. Play a role in ensuring the safety and wellness of students in the care of the department. Model appropriate boundaries and focus on student care. Support faculty, as necessary, in their student interactions. Provide timely feedback to resources outside of the department such as the School Psychologist and appropriate division head.

    5. Manage resources: Maintain expenditures with departmental budgets, and plan operational and capital budgets for the upcoming year; direct the department’s book ordering process and ensure the efficacy of materials.

    Personnel leadership includes using the systems and tools agreed upon by the school to:

    1. Lead teachers’ evaluation and development: Conduct observations and evaluations of teachers, with particular emphasis on those who need more attention or who are due for a more in-depth review, including new teachers. Keep appropriate long-term records of all evaluation-related conversations. Remind teachers about following school policies relating to areas such as pedagogy, homework, grading, returning assessments, and record-keeping; follow up if they are not. Model a growth mindset by eliciting feedback from department members and responding appropriately to suggestions.

    2. Lead conversations within and beyond the department: Run regular department meetings with purposeful agendas and effective follow up. Bring ideas to and from department chairs’ meetings. Meet with relevant division heads on an as-needed basis. Discuss, develop and recommend policy changes in department chairs’ meetings, with a view to the greater good of the community. Share ideas and initiatives to improve the school’s program. Represent the department at school functions, and with concerned parents, students and others, as needed. Talk with administrators if issues arise concerning programs in your field.

    3. Find, deploy and support department members: Facilitate the hiring of new faculty members in collaboration with the Dean of Recruitment and collaborate with division heads to ensure that substitute teachers are brought in when necessary. Allocate teachers to classes each year. Support teachers’ professional development in line with the goals of the department and the school. Support teachers as their supervisor and colleague, and connect them to others who can help them with problems when appropriate. Help K-4 teachers in your discipline feel involved in the decisions of their MS/US colleagues; they have a foot in your department even though they don’t report to you.

    4. Lead scheduling decisions as they pertain to your department and work with the head of scheduling when necessary to determine the appropriate placement of classes within the schedule. Be proactive in determining when new resources are needed to meet anticipated demand.

    Strategic Plan Execution and Coordination

    1. Have a role in moving the department forward in regards to strategic priorities of the school, especially as they pertain to strategic plan and diversity, equity and inclusion efforts.

    2. Model to the broader community the values and expectations of the school.

    3. Participate fully in the Department Chair Committee and collaborate with other department chairs in order to achieve strategic goals.

    Internal candidates only. A cover letter and a copy of a recent resume should be sent to Ms. Dyann Connor at
  • Yearbook Advisor (Internal)

    Two Yearbook Advisors oversee and support the production of the Yearbook during scheduled class times - from planning and scheduling to layout and proofing.
    • Trains the staff to create the yearbook — but does not do it for them. Gives advice and asks questions.
    • Completes a final review of the content of each deadline prior to submission.
    • Communicates clearly and often with the yearbook staff.
    • After each deadline reviews what worked well and what could be improved.
    • Selects the next year’s staff.
    This is a stipend position.

  • Science Teaching Fellow (“Tower Hill School STEM Fellow”) in Chemistry/Biology

    STEM Teaching Fellow in Chemistry/Biology is an early career science educator wishing to learn from experienced science faculty at Tower Hill School and develop his/her own teaching experience through a combination of independent teaching and close mentoring by our faculty. The Fellow will be expected to participate fully in the school community while also working to develop the teaching skills required of a full-time, autonomous faculty member. The science department at Tower Hill holds fundamental a willingness and ability to differentiate challenging topics for a wide variety of learners, a deep understanding of research design and principles including lab development and chemical safety, support for diversity, inclusion, and equity in science teaching, and a commitment to the core belief that all students are capable of meaningful scientific understanding given the correct tools and support. Tower Hill School values the interdisciplinary nature inherent in STEM and seeks an early educator who committed to furthering the use of real-world applications/problem-solving and inquiry-based laboratory work.
    Essential Functions
    • Teach 2 sections of high school Biology, Chemistry, or a combination
    • Shadow existing faculty in biology and chemistry and student-teach a variety of lessons at various levels (College Prep., Honors and Advanced).
    • Shadowing Middle School and Lower School Science faculty at various levels. 
    • Work with other science teachers to develop and deliver sample lessons for more advanced classes, engage in observation of existing faculty, demonstrate an interest in and willingness to learn to use current teaching technology in the classroom. When needed, support lab preparation and breakdown.
    • Engage fully with THS community including, but not limited to, participation at all school-wide assemblies, faculty meetings, department meetings, various faculty supervisory duties. Ability to engage with student life, clubs, and athletics a plus.
    Desired Qualifications
    • B.S in Biology or Chemistry
    • Demonstrated interest in teaching high school aged students, growth mindset and willingness to engage in self-reflective teaching practice
    • Experience with independent schools
  • Middle School French/Latin

    Tower Hill is school is seeking a Middle School French/Latin teacher for the 2020-2021 school year. This full-time position includes teaching introductory levels of French in grades 6-8, as well as a course in elementary Latin or Spanish. An appreciation and expertise of classroom technologies is required as is a strong philosophy around communicative, student-centered approaches in the classroom. With an eye for teaching intercultural values, the candidate must enjoy working with middle-school aged children and have strong classroom management skills.

    The Tower Hill community offers lots of opportunities for students and therefore, Teachers are also expected to contribute as coaches, club advisors, or other divisional activities and duties. In addition, this position will include leading and organizing the long-standing Middle School travel program to Quebec, Canada.

    The candidate will join a strong team in the Language Department and is expected to have strong interpersonal, written, and organizational skills. A cover letter and a copy of a recent resume should be sent to Mrs. Dyann Connor, Dean of Recruitment, at
  • Middle School Math Teacher

    Tower Hill seeks a qualified candidate for the position of full time Middle School Mathematics teacher beginning fall of 2020. The ideal candidate will have a strong academic background in mathematics, be versatile enough to teach the various levels of middle school math including Algebra I, and be comfortable working with technology.  In addition, the candidate should have the collaborative skills to work with a department of dedicated, talented colleagues, be familiar with current best practices and pedagogy, have an interest in continual professional development and a strong sense of personal responsibility for the success of every student. A minimum of 3 to 5 years experience teaching math is preferred.

    Additional requirements:

    Curriculum Design, Instruction and Student Assessment:
    - Develop curriculum aligned with Tower Hill School standards
    - Design assessments and use data to refine curriculum and inform instructional practices
    - Approach practice with a sense of urgency, maximizing every minute with students
    - Collaborate to promote an environment of critical thinking and academic rigor
    - Differentiate plans for individual students based on their unique learning profiles so that all students are engaged and challenged
    - Deliver rigorous and engaging content and instruction to students with passion and a willingness to help students succeed
    Building School Culture:
    - Build strong relationships with students and engage students in deep learning
    - Believe deeply in the mission of Tower Hill School that all children can meet high academic expectations
    - Communicate student progress regularly with parents and families
    - Be accountable for students' mastery of academic standards
    - Embrace feedback and constructive criticism in the spirit of constant growth and development
    - Demonstrate maturity, humility, professionalism, confidence and a strong work ethic inside and outside the classroom
    General Middle School Responsibilities:
    - Serve as an academic advisor for a small group of students engaging in weekly meetings and activities
    - Be actively involved with the various meetings, assemblies and activities associated with your designated grade level
    - Chaperone any grade level field trips, excursions, programs or events

    A cover letter and a copy of a recent resume should be sent to Ms. Dyann Connor at
  • Lower School/Middle School Technology Teacher

    Tower Hill School is looking for a Lower and Middle school technology teacher and technology integration specialist to join its vibrant and growing Lower and Middle School Divisions. 

    Tower Hill provides an innovative technology curriculum based on the real-world need for computer science and technology fluency in science, math and business. We teach practical computer-based skills that will be immediately useful beyond the classroom. 

    This teacher will design lessons, units, projects and classroom activities to convey computer science principles and computational thinking to Tower Hill’s Lower and Middle School students. The ideal candidate will have knowledge of and experience with teaching computer science, information literacy and media production and will work to share that knowledge with even our youngest students in engaging and meaningful project-based and experiential learning activities. 

    Principle duties include:
    • Provide direct and partnered technology and computer science instruction to students in grades K-8
    • Collaborate with teachers to develop their own curricula to include technology literacy skills and capacities
    • Provide in-house professional development for teachers to effectively integrate technology into their practice to enhance the student experience
    • Provide curricular inspiration for teachers and help them use technology in classroom-based project work
    • Teach skills like responsible use, typing, productivity suite, web design and coding
    • Build understanding within students and families so that all are informed about the aims and goals of our technology program

    The ideal candidate will have the following qualifications:
    • A bachelor's degree or above with a concentration in some aspect of education
    • Student-centric practice in an elementary and/or middle school environment
    • Innovative teaching experience, rich with creativity, technology 
    • Experience teaching computer science/computational thinking to elementary and/or middle school students
    • The ability to promote thoughtful, inquiry-focused dialogue in the classroom
    • Interest and experience in computer science, coding and programming
    • Interest and experience in the “maker arts,” DIY and fabrication
    • Experience with Mac-based tools.
    • Skills, talents and flexibility for contributing to the independent school community in additional capacities. Example: coaching, advising extracurricular activities, etc.
    • Expertise in project and inquiry-based learning
    • Strong written and communication skills
    • An open, energetic and engaging personality
    • A positive, can-do attitude
    • The ability to differentiate instruction to meet a range of student abilities; Empathy and patience and an ability to encourage students of all levels; Ability to provide additional challenges to students who are excelling, and provide and encourage open and honest communication.
    • An insatiable need to try new things, reinvent, take risks, evolve and embody the spirit of innovation.

    The successful candidate will be a strong communicator, a team player and a trusted voice for teachers looking to bring technology into their classroom. They will appreciate the joys of working in a school serving a diverse student and family population. Most importantly, s/he will have a passion for working with young children and for working to enhance and bring joy to every student’s individual learning experience in equitable and meaningful ways.

    A cover letter and a copy of a recent resume should be sent to Ms. Dyann Connor at

  • Substitute Teachers

    Tower Hill is looking for energetic and motivated substitute teachers to work with teachers at all levels, from Preschool to Upper School. Qualified candidates will have a bachelor’s degree and enjoy working across different disciplines. Flexibility in schedules is helpful as there are times we need a substitute without advanced notice. 
    Substitutes will be provided with lesson plans from the full-time classroom teacher and are asked to follow those in a way that ensures consistency and optimal learning. In addition to providing a positive learning environment, substitutes will also fulfill any duties that the full-time classroom teacher was assigned for the day(s) they serve as the classroom teacher. 
    Preferred candidates will possess a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Education and experience working with groups of children.

    A cover letter and a copy of a recent resume should be sent to Ms. Dyann Connor at
  • Kaleidoscope After School Program

    Tower Hill is looking for energetic and dependable candidates to work in the Kaleidoscope After School Program. Preferred candidates will possess a bachelor’s degree in education or experience working with groups of children.

    A cover letter and copy of a recent resume should be sent to Cindy Sardo, Director of Auxiliary Programs at

Staff Openings

List of 2 items.

  • Advancement Operations Manager

    This individual reports to the Director of Advancement and is responsible for managing the infrastructure to support gift processing, stewardship, prospect management, budget administration and database needs of the Advancement Office. The successful candidate will support the Advancement Office’s fundraising goals by conducting prospect and foundation research, analyzing data, building giving pyramids and assigning ask amounts as well as providing biographical and financial profiles and briefings.

    Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:
    • Oversee and manage the Raiser’s Edge database to ensure data integrity and accuracy and protocol compliance. Responsible for data security, proposing/updating procedures for database usage/maintenance. Review vendor contracts. Serve as liaison between Raiser’s Edge and Financial Edge users, and work closely with Information Technology Department to ensure ongoing communication of any issues and database maintenance, upgrades and backup.
    • Conduct ongoing research of prospects using a variety of resources and producing prospect profiles, prospect reports, event briefings and database updates. Track prospects and donors through monitoring daily news, online alerts and utilizing internal information, proactively sharing appropriate and relevant details with Advancement Office and as needed, Head of School and Administrative Council. Utilize data to identify and qualify new donor prospects. Responsible for understanding new practices in prospect research, analytics and data mining. Oversee the evaluation, negotiation, recommendation, purchase and renewal of research resources, publications and services. Implement, manage and utilize a system for collecting and managing donor and prospect information.
    • Responsible for creating and implementing effective and efficient donor/prospect data systems through moves management. Monitor stewardship activity to ensure annual reporting to donors and foundation. Participates in analysis and fundraising strategies in partnership with the Advancement Office and as needed, Administrative Council.
    • Using the centralized database, input all gift data entry for the Advancement Office following procedures, including credit card processing, matching gifts processing, balancing and preparing deposits for Business Office.
    • Generate and produce personalized and merged documents incorporating Raiser’s Edge data including solicitation letters, letters of acknowledgment, receipts, and pledge reminders. Draft letters for unique donations. Handle donor gift inquiries.
    • Support the Director of Advancement in managing capital projects and capital campaigns, including master documents tracking; donor and prospect reports; prospect profiles; packets; event support.
    • Support the Associate Director of Advancement in all Annual Fund solicitations; assigning targeted asks; determining mail lists for segments including in-house and outside vendors; generate personalized and merged documents; add actions for mailings.
    • Develop and produce queries, exports, reports and profiles accurately and timely as requested by the Advancement Office, Head of School and Chair of the Board, including analytical, benchmark, demographic, statistical and comparative.
    • Primary responsibility for producing all donor lists for the Annual Report, including organization of associated data for publication. Process annual database updates including incoming/outgoing students and their families, any new constituents and year-end changeovers.
    • Manage departmental budget and reporting requirements for Advancement, Restricted Donations, Capital, Endowment and Hayward Donations accounts, including responsibility for monthly and year-end Business Office gift reconciliation.
    • Provide support for Advancement Office events as required, which include Homecoming, Reunions, Grandparents’ Day and the annual Golf Outing, among others.
    • Performs other related duties as assigned.
    • Bachelor’s degree is preferred. Additional workshops, certificate programs in area of relational database software principles and operations would be helpful.
    • Five years of database experience with Blackbaud’s Raiser’s Edge required in a development office environment.
    • Five years of relevant workplace experience is necessary, preferably in a non-profit.

    • Knowledge of development principles and practices.
    • Ability to mine database and export requested information on stringent timelines.
    • Ability to exercise sound judgment, tact and diplomacy.
    • Ability to be organized, methodical, accurate and detail-oriented.
    • Ability to work as a member of a team in a variety of roles, sometimes outside of his/her job responsibilities.
    • Ability to learn and seek out on-line services for research.
    • Ability to set and achieve multiple personal goals and objectives under deadline pressures.
    • Ability to handle extremely sensitive information with confidentiality and tact.
    • Positive, winning attitude, energetic, driven and goal-oriented personality.

    A cover letter and a copy of a recent resume should be sent to Ms. Dyann Connor at
  • Substitute School Nurse (PreK-12)

    Tower Hill School seeks substitute school nurses for per diem coverage in a PreK-12 independent school setting. Additional long term substitute coverage is needed in the spring of 2020. The successful candidate will be student-centered and committed to a team approach to school-wide health and wellness. This position requires a high degree of interpersonal communication and organizational skills in addition to general nursing duties. Experience in pediatric or community health is preferred. 

    A cover letter and a copy of a recent resume should be sent to Ms. Dyann Connor at

    • Graduate of an accredited RN nursing program 
    • Active Delaware Registered Nurse License (or compact state)
    • Must have at least two years of clinical experience 
    • Current BLS certification
    Preferred Skills: 
    • Previous School Nursing Experience or experience providing healthcare to school-aged children
    • PALS certification
    • Monitor and maintain health screening/immunization information
    • Ability to multitask in a healthcare environment
    • Serve as a liaison between school personnel, family, and community healthcare providers to ensure a healthy school environment

    Position Detail:
    • This is a per diem position.
    • These positions are on-call, as needed positions to fill in for our regular school nurse in their absence. There is no guarantee of hours with these positions. 
    • School hours are 7:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday
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Diversity and Inclusion

At Tower Hill School we believe that diversity and inclusion enrich the educational experience and strengthen our overall community. Varied perspectives are a source of strength, creativity, enrichment and renewal in the Tower Hill community. These values are found in both our mission statement and in our institutional goals. Learn more here.

Tower Hill School does not discriminate in its educational, admissions and personnel programs and policies or activities on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, age, religion or religious creed, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, disability or any other characteristic protected under applicable federal, state or local law.

Professional Development

Tower Hill faculty members are lifelong learners who embrace professional development opportunities. We believe that there is a moral imperative implanted in professional development as we teachers, coaches, aides, and administrators, in so many ways, play critical roles in the lives of our students. If learning is a lifelong process, and it is, educators must be paragons of scholarship and mentorship. In addition to in-service days offered throughout the year, teachers take part in Tower Hill Educators' (THE) Collaboratory each fall, a full day of professional development that features both guest and in-house workshop leaders. This event enables faculty members to gain a collective understanding of the complexities of teaching and learning. Teachers are also encouraged and supported to pursue workshops, conferences, diversity/equity/inclusion training such as the annual NAIS People of Color Conference, and other types of continuing education that further their craft. The Faculty Development Committee approves funding for the pursuits of individual teachers so that they can attend training opportunities in their own "zones of proximal development," making PD a perfect fit for each teacher's level of training. Teachers also have numerous opportunities to coach athletics, serve as student advisors, mentor student government groups and participate in the arts, as their professional goals and interests dictate.The noble commitment to ongoing professional development at Tower Hill School, evinced by the countless hours of school-supported training opportunities that educators seek out for themselves in their respective disciplines, is also endorsed by the founding of our Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) in 2016.

About Wilmington

Wilmington, Delaware, and the surrounding Brandywine Valley are known for a thriving corporate environment and a dynamic cultural landscape. Wilmington’s economy benefits from Delaware’s business-friendly financial laws and judicial system, and residents enjoy a very low tax structure and modest housing prices. The city is a national financial center for the credit card industry and hosts numerous large organizations such as DuPont, J.P. Morgan, Capital One, AstraZeneca, Incyte, AAA, Bank of America and Widener University Delaware Law School, as well as tech startups.  

Winterthur, Longwood Gardens, the Delaware Art Museum, Hagley, Trolley Square and the Riverfront are among the area’s many attractions, and Wilmington’s excellent fine dining scene was recently featured in Food + Wine magazine. The city’s direct highway access and Amtrak service link it easily to nearby Philadelphia, with Baltimore, New York City, Washington, D.C., Delaware beaches and the Poconos located inside of a two hours’ drive.

Wilmington offers much to those who call it home, and Tower Hill faculty and parents find the area to be a great place to raise a family. Learn more.

Benefits of Employment at Tower Hill

Health & Wellness
Medical Insurance
Dental Insurance
Vision Insurance
Access to Fitness Facilities  

Work-Life Balance
Paid Sick Time
Paid Personal Days
After School Program Included on specific days

Financial Security
Competitive Salary Band Structure
403(b) with Matching Component
Life Insurance
Long-term Disability Insurance
Medical Flexible Spending Account

Tuition Remission
50% Tuition Coverage for Graduate School
Discounted Summer Camp