College Counseling

The College Counseling team at Tower Hill School is committed to helping students with the entire college search process, preparing them for the next big steps in their lives.
Our role is to help students make good educational choices, serve as a liaison to colleges and advocate strongly for our students. Working in conjunction with the administration, faculty, students and parents, we help students identify and to apply for admission to colleges and universities that are well suited to their interests, abilities and aspirations.
The College Counseling team conducts programs and workshops, hosts college representatives and holds one-on-one meetings to educate students and families about the many different pieces of the college admission puzzle. We help students to brainstorm and edit college essays, prepare for admission interviews and feel confident about the process as they navigate the ever-evolving world of college admission.
Counselors, students and parents use individual meetings and an online research tool, NAVIANCE, as the primary means of communicating deadlines and calendar items, college lists, transcript requests, recommendation requests and test scores. By senior year, Tower Hill students are well positioned to compete for entrance into freshman classes at colleges and universities that fit students' aspirations and realize their academic potential.
Molly Elton
Associate Director of College Counseling,

Jennifer Meeker
Associate Director of College Counseling,

Casey Yuros
Assistant Director of College Counseling,

Our Approach

Just as each of our students brings different qualities, talents and perspectives to Tower Hill and the college application process, so, too, do we bring a thoughtful and unique approach to each student. What works well for one student – or one sibling – often does not work well for another, and it is our hope that we can individualize and personalize this process for every student.

The College Counseling program at Tower Hill School is firmly grounded in the belief that discovering "good matches" between students and post-secondary institutions is what the college admission process is all about. We care what students think, and we care about where they will feel comfortable and most at home. It’s not about the name for us. Yes, we want our students to matriculate to outstanding colleges and universities. We know that it is a competitive world, and that parents would like for there to be some sort of return on their investment of tuition dollars. We will never stop advocating for our students, and we promise always to help students put together the best possible applications.
Empowering and encouraging students to take charge of their futures – and falling down and picking themselves back up again – is another major objective. We feel it imperative that it must be the student who is at the center of the college admission process, learning to take charge of it and eventually owning it. The student, as active agent, is expected to contact colleges for appointments, register for standardized testing, prepare and submit applications, be personally responsible for meeting all deadlines and obligations, and invest fully in the process. The parent role is one of support and encouragement. As wise sounding boards and advice-givers, parents, along with counselors, represent the supporting cast. 
We have worked in college admission offices and read thousands of applications, and we know how an essay will read, how a transcript will be viewed and what is important in a letter of recommendation. Like parents, we want what is best for our students. We look forward to building relationships with every Tower Hill family, and we hope that this process will be thoughtful, not so stressful, and, yes, even a little fun for each student.


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