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Dear prospective students and parents,
Welcome to Tower Hill’s Upper School! Opportunities abound within our program for students to explore and excel academically, athletically and artistically. We balance our core curriculum with a rich extra-curricular life. We focus holistically on the student experience, with equal attention given to curriculum and programs, student well-being, character development and community engagement in order to prepare students for full and creative engagement with a dynamic world.
The Tower Hill Upper School program provides graduates the ability to thrive in courses at the world’s most selective colleges and universities. This includes:
First and foremost, an innovative and challenging course of study that is grounded in a fundamental liberal arts curriculum and augmented by creative and contemporary elective courses in 11th and 12th Grades. Tower Hill offers advanced and honors courses designed by faculty that best accomplish our educational aims and prepare students for the kind of in-depth, self-directed learning that is expected at the college level.
A mini-semester, or Tower Term, is offered twice a year to all students. It is a limitless space where the Tower Hill community can explore learning together in an interdisciplinary, experiential way. These courses will set the stage for collaborative, interdepartmental, student-driven activities that provide diversified preparation for lifelong learning and personal growth.
A Global Scholar Certificate Program promotes global awareness, language proficiency, and cultural diversity. Through carefully selected academic courses, active club participation, service with global inquiry, travel and a senior culmination portfolio, students are encouraged to reach beyond their comfort zones and explore different perspectives. A byproduct of this program will include the exploration of varied themes such as business, economic and entrepreneurial literacy, environmental awareness and civic literacy.
Service-Learning Program at Tower Hill provides students with an opportunity to connect the school’s motto, philosophy and mission by engagement within their community.  Through intentionality and design, service learning at Tower Hill provides meaningful and relevant opportunities for students, enhances academic learning that links to the curriculum, promotes social awareness and responsibility, introduces a diversity of viewpoints, and includes reflection.

Social Justice Program that, in alignment with our commitment to social justice and equity, offers intentional programming for students to complete throughout their four years in Upper School. This curriculum is designed to give students historical, social and cultural perspectives in the following areas: African American History, Systemic Racism and Expression of Identity. Click here for more information.
Student Leadership Opportunities where we offer a wide range of opportunities for students to get involved and develop these skills. Such skills are communication, cooperation, team building, leading by example, problem solving and implementation. Positions available are student government officers, board chairs, board representatives, club leaders, athletic captains and peer tutoring.
An Advisory Program that fosters honest relationships between students and teachers, and which offers meaningful opportunities for active citizenship, leadership and cooperative group experience. Advisory serves as a forum for the sharing of ideas relevant to school life, team building and service to school.
Our annual Forum Lecture Series exposes our students each year to prominent speakers ranging from politicians and community leaders, to authors, university professors and more. This program mirrors the type of public affairs symposia found at many colleges and universities.
An exceptional College Counseling Program that begins working with students in 8th Grade and gradually introduces them to the college process through age-appropriate guidance and oversight of their academic and extracurricular choices. Students matriculate to top universities and colleges nationally and internationally, but more importantly, are well-prepared for their transition to higher education.
Our student enjoy outstanding facilities that create an optimal learning environment. Multiple renovated athletic fields, updated classrooms, a building dedicated to math and science are all aspects of our impressive campus.
Most importantly, you should schedule a visit to campus to experience the incredible warmth of our community. Students, faculty and families are all committed to the mission of our school. We live by our motto Multa Bene Facta (Many Things Done Well), which includes how we treat each other, community members and the world beyond.
Please visit the other Upper School web pages above, and feel free to contact me at mcover@towerhill.org with any questions about our program. You can learn more through our Upper School Handbook and we hope to see you soon at Tower Hill!
All my best,
Megan Cover
Head of Upper School

Upper School Handbook

The Upper School Handbook outlines the student experience and expectations for families. Each year, students are required to have a solid understanding of the school’s expectations as they are outlined in this handbook. Each student signs a pledge affirming they have both read and will commit to the Honor Code and the standards set forth in this handbook. 

2020-2021 Upper School Handbook - PDF

2020-2021 Upper School Handbook - View Online

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