Middle School


Middle School - Grades 5-8

The Middle School helps each student discover and develop his or her own special talents while refining the essential skills needed to function in a most challenging academic environment. The academic program is supplemented with daily physical education classes, a full fine arts curriculum, trips of many kinds and explorations into co-curricular activities. Emphasis is placed upon effective and compassionate communication, consideration and tolerance of others, the development of teamwork and the strengthening of one's value system.

The school program is an extremely full and busy one. All students take classes in the fundamental disciplines, as well as art, music, computer, physical education, personal development, keyboarding skills and a wide range of short-term elective courses. The program is supplemented by a diversified assembly program; interesting day and overnight trips; major dramatic productions; special math, social studies and science competitions; internal and external community service projects; and an energetic student council program. The After School Program is available at the end of the day.

Classes are small, each student has an advisor, and the reporting system allows for specialized narratives at narrowly spaced intervals—all of which helps assure parents that the progress of their child is being closely followed. A strong counseling program reinforces the work of the advisor and Class Dean and provides parents with additional resources within the school.

We believe passionately in the right of each student to take advantage of every aspect of the school program. Therefore, we react very strongly to abusive behavior of any type, which will not be tolerated.

Tim Weymouth
Head of Middle School


The Middle School curriculum is designed to cultivate each of our students’ unique interests and talents, as well as to prepare them for future academic success. Our rigorous academic program is supplemented with a full fine arts curriculum, physical education classes, service learning projects, co-curricular activities and numerous student leadership opportunities. Small class sizes and a dynamic advisory system ensure that our students’ academic and developmental needs are carefully accommodated as they tackle increasingly challenging course loads. Upon entering the ninth grade, our students share an enthusiasm for learning; they are highly literate, able to compute easily and accurately, and are independent thinkers and enthusiastic collaborators.

The following list of courses is presented to give a general view of the academic program offered in the Middle School. 

Grade 5—Students develop a broad range of skills that prepare them for success in Middle School and beyond. Fifth graders balance a full schedule of English, reading, math, science, history, Spanish/Prima Lingua, technology, physical education, art/shop, theater, band, chorus or orchestra classes. Students also learn to type in our online Typing Club Program.

Grade 6—Students take classes in math, science, language arts, history, foreign language (French/Mandarin), technology, physical education, theater, music, band, chorus or orchestra. Sixth graders also complete lessons in our online Typing Club Program. 

Grade 7—Students balance a full schedule of English, math, science, history, foreign language (French, Latin, Mandarin or Spanish), digital citizenship, health, art/shop, theater and athletics, as well as band, chorus or orchestra. Seventh graders also participate in a disABILITIES program that is designed to increase student awareness of those with physical, mental and cognitive disabilities. 

Grade 8—The last year of Middle School prepares students for a successful transition to Upper School and beyond. Eighth graders continue to take classes in English, math, science, history, foreign language (French, Latin, Mandarin or Spanish), technology and production, health, theater, music, art and athletics. Upon entering ninth grade, our students are well-equipped to excel in a rigorous new academic environment.

Middle School Handbook

The Middle School Handbook provides students with a foundation for school policies, expectations and values, and it also helps current and prospective parents understand the Middle School experience.