Summer Programs

Camp Bundles

New to Summer at Tower Hill this year! Join us for one of our newly crafted bundles, designed especially for creative kids. These camps focus on the arts, STEAM, science, cooking, reading, math, acting and more in different age groupings and combinations. Each has been planned to complement the other!

Price: $400 / full-day
Several bundles are $450 as noted.
Extended care is available; please see Day Camp rates.
*Grades refer to the grade children will be entering in Fall 2021

AM  Photography for Middle Schoolers | PM Ceramics

Photography for Middle Schoolers | John Bartlett
June 14-18  -  8:30-11:30 a.m.  -  Rising Grades 5-8
Looking for a way to discover the magic of photography? Want to learn how to use a Digital SLR or an old-fashioned camera? Plus we will discover how to use the camera on your phone. Believe it or not, we will learn stop-motion, light drawing, optical illusions and visit a classic dark room!

Ceramics | Abby Patterson 
June 14-18  -  12-3 p.m.  -  Rising Grades 5-8
Come and play with clay! This class will explore different clay building techniques—coil pots and relief tiles—and there will be something for everyone! We will learn glazing and surface design with cool takeaways to bring home.

AM  Outside the Lines | PM Painting with a Twist

Outside the Lines | Jane Chesson 
June 21-25  -  8:30-11:30 a.m  -  Grades 2-4   
Join Lower School art teacher Jane Chesson for a week of immersive (and fun!) creative exploration based on a theme of YOUR choice. Students will examine varied art mediums including drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture and mixed media artmaking. Campers will have the opportunity to develop their own unique artistic voice while gaining valuable technical skills using beginner, intermediate and advanced techniques to take their work to the next level.  Young artists will learn to gain confidence in their abilities to share and discuss their work with their peers and reflect on the artmaking process. The session will culminate in an exhibition of student work. 
Painting With a Twist 
June 21-25  -  12-3 p.m.  -  Grades 2-4
Grab a paint brush and an easel! During the afternoon, campers will create paintings on canvas with help from artists at Painting With a Twist. During the week, two unique masterpieces will be painted to be brought home for display at home. 
AM  STEAM Outside Your Door | PM Dream House

Outside Your Door | Nancy Tate 
June 21-25  8:30-11:30 a.m.  -  Grades 1-4
Have you ever wished that your classes could be held outside? Join us as we investigate both STEM and STEAM activities outside. We will learn how to use STEM skills to help our world by developing skills to explore and examine, then make improvements based on what we find. Be STEM - Fantastic! Ask, Explore, Design, Take Risks, Make Mistakes, Improve, Never Give Up Activities will include: designing a treehouse, making a moss planter, math in the garden and kinetic energy garden spinners.

Dream House | Jane Chesson 
June 21-25  12-3 p.m.  -  Grades 1-4
What is your ideal house? Maybe it’s very tall with a playroom on every floor and slides instead of stairs. Or maybe it’s long and has a pool in the middle. Perhaps it’s just one big art studio! In this camp, we will design and build our own dream houses from cardboard boxes while also learning how to print wallpaper and make furniture. Then we’ll move outside to construct our dream playground using recycled materials. Come explore your dream house with us this week!
AM  Sewing American Girl Doll Clothes! | PM  The Wooden Dollhouse
Sewing American Doll Clothes | Bobbi Smith 
June 28-July 2  -  12-3 p.m.  -  Grades 1-3
Create a wardrobe for your American Girl Doll. Beginners will make simple clothes and accessories from basic patterns and use embellishments to personalize their creations. Our intermediate sewers will choose patterns, fabrics and trims to create a custom wardrobe for their doll! Extra supply fee $50

The Wooden Dollhouse | Ashley Gillerlain 
June 28-July 2  -  8:30-11:30 a.m.  -  Grades 1-3
Ikea Dollhouse Kit - Extra supply fee $35
Dollhouses have always been one of the most imaginative toys any child could play with to create lasting childhood memories. What if you could build, design and play with your very own custom dollhouse? Join us to paint and decorate your very own Ikea dollhouse!
AM  Cocina mexicana con la Señora Martínez | PM  Sewing 

Cocina mexicana con la Señora Martínez 
June 28-July 2  -  8:30-11:30 a.m.  -  Grades 7-8
Review 7/8 grade Spanish grammar and vocabulary while learning to prepare easy, yet authentic, Mexican recipes like salsa verde y roja, tacos de pollo, enchiladas, guacamole, enfrijoladas, entomatadas, molletes, quesadillas, ensalada mexicana, pie de limón, sopa de tortilla and sopa de fideos. We will learn greetings, the verb to be (ser and estar), future with the verb to go (vamos a), regular verbs conjugation in the present tense (ar, er, ir), irregular verbs to want and to have (querer, tener), direct object pronouns (lo, la, los, las) and present progressive (estoy cocinando). 

Sewing | Fascination in Fabrics | Bobbi Smith 
June 28-July 2  -  12-3 p.m.  -  Grades 7-8
Join us for a fun week of sewing kitchen accessories—cool aprons to colorful quilted potholders! All you will need to be ready for cooking adventures.  
AM  Child Drama Workshops: Where the Wild Things Are | PM  Abrakadabra Camp!  

Where the Wild Things Are | Child Drama Workshop 
July 12-16  -  8:30-11:30 a.m.  -  Grades PreK - 1  
Let the Wild Rumpus Start! Based on the classic children’s tale by Maurice Sendak, this play is filled with fun and energy!  Let your child unleash their imagination as they become Max or one of his befriended Wild Things. Your child will tumble, parade and dance their way through the magical forest of Max’s imagination. All camps present a play for parents on the last day of camp including professional stage make-up, costume accessories and a souvenir program.

Abrakadabra Camp! | Abrakadoodle 
July 12-16  -  12-3 p.m.   -  Grades PreK - 1  
Do you believe in magic? Then this camp is for you! Get swept up in the hocus-pocus fun and artsy creative activities.  Learn a magic trick each day! Mix up a new interesting color for bubbling magic potion. Create a rabbit and make him disappear. Use special paper, and presto! Your artwork magically appears. This concoction of art and magic include 10 projects along with a cauldron of magical activities and games. Extra Supply Fee $50
AM  Author in Me | PM Rockstar Readers!

Author in Me | Jessica McIntyre 
July 12-16  -  8:30-11:30 a.m.  -  Grades 3-5  
Calling all creative writers! Is writing one of your passions? Do you want to learn more to enhance your writing skills? Authors and illustrators are invited to explore the components of a story, various strategies to engage readers and applications for electronic publishing. By the week’s end, students will have created at least one original book that will be a keepsake to share for years to come.

Rockstar Readers! | Ellen Ellis 
July 12-16  -  12-3 p.m.  -  Grades 3-5
Do you love to read? Or maybe you want to love it more? Then rock it out with Rockstar Readers as we discover new books, explore a different genre each day and strengthen comprehension and fluency skills. This afternoon camp will extend and enhance reading interest and confidence in an engaging, kid-friendly way. Series and picture books, graphic novels, nonfiction, poetry ... our spaceship will visit them all! We’ll offer both social and individual reading experiences as students participate in a book club, chat with a reading partner, enjoy read alouds, write or draw book responses, make personal book choices and have daily teacher conferences. We’ll also learn about honors and awards in children’s literature and make our own “Rockstar Reader Award” selections.

A Walk in the Woods | PM  Science Explorers

A Walk in the Woods
July 19-23  -  8:30-11:30 a.m.  -  Grades 2-4
Join us as we explore Rockford Park across from Tower Hill School. We will have games and activities that revolve around the woods, the open grasslands, the banks of the Brandywine River, Rockford Tower and other features of the park. Who knew there was so much to see and do in this great local resource!

Science Explorers 
July 19-23  -  12-3 p.m.  -  Grades 2-4
Calling all science fanatics! If you didn’t get a chance to experience our 2020-2021 club topics, then this is the camp for you! Get ready to concoct cool chemistry creations, formulate new physics ideas, engineer solutions to problems and investigate how your own body works. You’ll mix up a gas that is heavier than air, create your own bristle-bot racer, construct a working lung model, compete in a tower building challenge, uncover the mysterious world of microbes and, best of all, learn some really cool science magic tricks to show your family!
AM A Week at the Beach | PM Painting with a Twist  

A Week at the Beach | Ellen Ellis 
July 19-23  -  8:30-11:30 a.m.  -  Grades K-2
While campers won’t actually be on the sand or in the water, we’ll explore beach and ocean life with fiction and nonfiction books, writing, math and craft projects. We’ll splash around with character friends like Swimmy, Hermit Crab and Pout Pout Fish. As we dive in to collect interesting facts about sea turtles, manatees, dolphins, starfish and sharks, we’ll practice reading or listening for information and navigating text features. We’ll boogie board our way to virtual tours in aquariums, then compare what we observe to what we are reading. Our marine math skills will come in handy for goldfish number sentences and a sand cup recipe.  Beach buddies will work together to publish our own sea life book. Get your sunscreen and swimsuit ready for Friday’s beach party, where we’ll celebrate and share what we’ve learned! 

Painting With a Twist 
July 19-23  -  12-3 p.m.  - Grades K-2
Grab your paintbrush and get ready to paint beautiful beach scenes with the help of artists from Painting With a Twist. Campers will complete two artful masterpieces during the week. 

AM  Multiplication Math Fun | PM  THS Summer Book Club  

Multiplication Math Fun | Janel Hall 
July 26-30  -  8:30-11:30 p.m.  -  Grades 3-5
Knowing math facts is an important part of life, and memorizing them can be easy and fun! At this camp, we will practice our math facts in a lot of different ways, such as games, songs, races and more. This camp can help keep your math skills sharp or help you gain speed and confidence in your knowledge. Kids will also leave this camp with activities and practice routines they can work on throughout the summer. 

THS Summer Book Club | Janel Hall  
July 26-30  -  12- 3 p.m.  -  Grades 3-5
Make summer work an even more fun and valuable experience by completing it in book clubs! We will read our assigned summer books, discuss important points and complete our summer work to boot. Your child will leave this week with their work done and a strong start for the next school year.
AM  Abrakadoodle Mad About Movies | PM Child Drama Workshops 101 Dalmatians 
Mad About Movies | Abrakadoodle 
July 26-30  -  8:30-11:30 a.m.  -  Grades 2-5  
If you love movies, you will LOVE this camp and the kooky characters, animations and illustrations in them—from the Minions to dinosaurs to out-of-this-world environments! Together, marvelous movies and art make for movie characters. Explore animation, storyboards, movie music, games and more! 

101 Dalmatians | Child Drama Workshop 
July 26-30  -  12-3 p.m.  -  Grades 2-5  
101 Dalmatians: The Play, a classic favorite, will come to life on stage with your child’s own pretend puppy energy! This power-packed romp finds 101 puppies trying to outsmart the infamous villainess, Cruella De Vil. Allow your child the opportunity to play-act this beloved story. All camps present a play for parents on the last day of camp including professional stage make-up, costume accessories and a souvenir program. Extra Supply Fee $50