Kaleidoscope extends students’ days at Tower Hill within a warm environment that feels like home. Children enjoy down time and a snack before heading to an enrichment program, completing homework or engaging in free play with friends. The myriad activities inspire creativity and build lasting friendships.
Kaleidoscope's mission is to provide each child with a positive, safe and enriching afters school experience. We seek to engage each child in activities to support a diversity of interests as well as cognitive and physical abilities. As an extension of the Lower and Middle Schools, Kaleidoscope encourages students to explore their talents and strengths.

For more information contact Director of Auxiliary Programs Cindy Sardo at csardo@towerhill.org.

Kaleidoscope provides three services for families:
  • Extended Day (Tower Tots - 6th Grade) and Homework Club (7th-8th Grade)
  • Enrichment
  • Holiday Coverage
Please click the tabs above to learn more and register for each program. 

Parent Feedback

"Kaleidoscope After School Program complements Tower Hill’s Lower School perfectly. It provides a well-structured environment for reading and homework and also engages students in a variety of activities that encourage creativity and fun!"

—Jill Truesdell