Service Learning

Tower Hill provides a service learning program for students in Tower Tots through 12th grade, as developing character and citizenship is central to our mission. Integrating meaningful community service with education and reflection enriches the learning experience, prepares our students to be responsible citizens and fosters an ethic of service.
Forming sustainable service learning partnerships creates environments for reciprocal learning and allows students to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of other cultures. Experiences that require students to step outside of their comfort zones can have very meaningful and profound impacts on their lives. Learning about themselves and others fosters empathy, breaks down barriers and stereotypes, enhances personal growth and brings about change in the world.

Tower Hill provides regular community outreach opportunities and supports student-driven service projects such as food collections, community clean-ups, book drives and small fundraisers. We have ongoing partnerships with the following organizations: 

Ministry of Caring
West End Neighborhood House
First State Squash
Lutheran Community Services
At Tower Hill School we offer a variety of extracurricular opportunities for students to participate in or create their own service projects. Some service efforts are linked with our Global Scholars program and focus on service leadership as well as cultural proficiency. Our school wide service efforts support food insecurity in Wilmington. Service Learning begins in preschool with projects such as holding a bake sale that benefits sea turtle conservation. Middle Schoolers do environmental clean up and participate in the DisABILITIES Awareness Program. Upper School students have the opportunity to serve on the community service board.

A Tower Hill tradition is the Hiller Harvest food drive that supports Lutheran Community Services. In the 2022-2023 school year the Tower Hill community had a school wide Day of Service for MLK Day. Some of the projects included: making 50 casseroles and 200 brown bagged lunches for Emmanuel Dining Room and Sunday Breakfast Mission, creating 100 no sew fleece blankets for children in foster care, and making 100 dog toys for animal shelters. As we navigate creating a balance between academic rigor, wellness and student agency, the school looks to maximize the expertise of its community members to bring wellness, community connection and student agency.