Teaching and Learning Center

Mission Statement

Growth is the central tenet of the mission of the Teaching and Learning Center at Tower Hill School. Established in 2016, the Center is a resource for students and teachers who wish to maximize learning processes, address specific academic challenges, engage in best practices, seek support for learning differences or challenge themselves to achieve new levels of excellence. The Center is a process-oriented nucleus of the school that fosters dialogue, innovation, flexibility and excellence in individualized teaching and learning in the 21st century. Existing to uphold the mission and philosophy of the school in all circumstances, the Center is in a position to recommend reasonable accommodations for students with documented needs but cannot support requests to modify curricula. Our Learning Specialists endeavor to equip students and teachers with tools, strategies and opportunities to learn about learning so that they may build repertoires, excel and nurture the mindsets needed for continuing education.

Who Uses the TLC?

  • Students who have questions or want a place to study with the opportunity to access the assistance of a Learning Specialist.
  • Students who want to enhance their academic skills and/or improve their grades.
  • Students who want to learn time management and organizational skills.
  • Students who want to have a deeper understanding of how they learn, their strengths, and areas of opportunity so that they can reach their potential.
  • Students who want to meet regularly with a Learning Specialist to increase their confidence through academic coaching.
  • Faculty members who wish to explore best practices in teaching and learning.