Graduation 2020

Eric T. Johnson, M.D.

Chair, Board of Trustees

Typically the Board Chair at Tower Hill doesn’t speak. There’s no role, and I think it’s pretty evident why. I really have nothing to add or say. I do think it’s very important because this year has been so exceptional in so many ways to thank everybody who made not only this night but the young men and women who are sitting beside me possible. I think that this celebration is a just right thing to do. It’s been an inspiration to see this class, and through these challenging times I want to thank the seniors, their families, the community, faculty, the leadership. And on behalf of the board, I do want to thank you all for making this a special night. Again, I was actually listening to the speeches, and I have nothing that I could really add in terms of inspiration or appropriate comments other than to say, we need you. You’re ready, but we need your minds, your heart, your thoughtfulness, your concern, your love, and we need it, the country needs it, the community needs it, so, we need your heart, but know that Tower Hill, we’re always going to have your back. Congratulations.