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Advisory Program

The mission of the Upper School Advisory Program is to create a safe and supportive space for students to connect, reflect, create academic goals and discover ways in which they can engage with their school community and beyond.

The advisory program is a partnership between the advisor and advisee with the following core responsibilities: 

  • Be a coach and advocate
  • Oversee each advisee’s academic profile and its progression through the program 
  • Find ways to encourage advisees to get involved with the community 
  • Help students maximize their academic potential through goal setting 
  • Serve as a starting point for advisee questions with appropriate follow through 
  • Engage in conversations with advisees both individually and as a group 
  • Liaise between advisee parents and teachers 
  • Advocate for advisees if behavioral infractions occur 
  • Aid students in problem solving and connect them with the Teaching and Learning Center and Wellness Center as appropriate
  • Foster a spirit of community within the advisory group and support each member through kindness 
  • Read and understand the Upper School Handbook and its policies through group activities and discussions 
  • Arrive on time to each advisory session ready to participate 
  • Reflect, identify and work towards achieving academic goals 
Take responsibility and ownership of personal and academic choices 

Morning Meeting
We begin school days in the theater at 8:30 a.m. sharp with daily Morning Meeting. It is a time for community in which we gather as an entire division to share announcements and highlight student achievements. Morning Meeting is also where Senior Speeches take place. Parents are always welcome to attend Morning Meeting to hear their child give their Senior Speech. On Wednesday mornings, in lieu of Morning Meeting, students meet with their advisors in their advisory locations, where attendance is taken. 

Senior Speeches
Tower Hill believes that developing communication skills is of utmost importance for our graduates. As the leaders in our division, we ask each member of the senior class to prepare a Senior Speech on a meaningful topic of their choice, which they will present to the entire Upper School. Speeches must be age appropriate, constructive and approved by the student’s advisor and Class Dean. This is not a place where students should air grievances, but rather share experiences, stories or viewpoints. We ask seniors to work closely with their advisor, not only in regard to their preparation but also their presentation. Presentations should be about five minutes in length.