College Counseling

This document provides an overview of Tower Hill's testing results,college acceptances, Upper School curriculum and more. 
There is little more frustrating than planning fall travel for the first time or from a distance only to realize that there was a more economical use of your time upon arrival. Let us help you with that. Wilmington, Delaware, is a small city with many good independent, parochial, charter and public schools. Many of us are located only a few minutes from the next, and it is easy to visit four or five of us on any one day. To plan a smart use of your time (and figure out how easy it really is to get from one of us to the next), please reach out to anyone in our office. We all used to work in college admission and remember how tricky it was to get from one place to the next (and how much we really didn’t want to eat at one chain restaurant yet again!). We’d be happy to help you set up a few days in Wilmington.

To make a visit to Tower Hill School, please use the SCOIR Visits tool or contact College Counseling at We begin scheduling fall visits in late July. Tower Hill begins classes at 8:30 a.m. and our class periods last for one hour; please allow that amount of time for your visit. Seniors who have a free period during a college visit or who have gotten permission from a teacher to miss class may visit with college admission reps. Juniors may visit with college reps only if they have a free period during that time slot.
We will publicize your visit to our students and those who are interested may meet with you. In addition to meeting with students, you will have the opportunity to meet with our college counselors. We regret that we are not able to pull a full grade out of class for college presentations, nor are we able to accommodate mini-fairs during our school day.  

Tower Hill School is located at 2813 W. 17th Street, Wilmington, DE 19806. To visit us, driving directions to the school can be found here. Street parking is available in the front of the building in the "Reserved" spaces or in any other open space around the school. We also have two gravel lots, one on Rising Sun Lane and the other further down on Tower Road. Please note you will still need to enter through the front of the building. If you are having difficulty finding parking, please call us at 302-575-0550.

To enjoy our local area (and to ensure that you never have to eat food from a drive through again unless you want to do so), visit our list of recommended local restaurants.

Greenville, DE (From Tower Hill School, take Route 52 North):
  1. BBC – local brew pub with a nice selection of sandwiches, entrees, salads. We highly recommend the crab cakes and the BBC burger.
  2. Pizza by Elizabeths – fantastic selection of pizzas and salads.
  3. Janssen’s Market – local grocery with nice selection of snacks for the car between school visits! They also have a café with good sandwiches and salads. Our recommendations: the tuna melt and Italian wedding soup.
  4. Brew Ha Ha – a local favorite (and a favorite of Vice President Biden) for coffee, tea, lemonade, apple cider, pastry.
  5. Pure Bread – good salads, sandwiches and soup, We highly recommend the Cobb salad and all pizzas.
  6. Buckley’s – this is a little farther up Route 52 (in Centreville, DE), but is a local favorite with pub-style fare.
Trolley Square and close by, Wilmington, DE area (from THS, take Delaware Avenue or Pennsylvania Avenue/Route 52 South toward downtown):
  1. El Diablo – wonderful burritos, tacos and salads made to order. A personal favorite locally.
  2. Southeast Kitchen – awesome selection of Thai and Vietnamese curries, rice and noodle dishes, and delicious pho. Our other personal favorite.
  3. SugarFoot – delicious selection of sandwiches and salads. Try the turkey BLT with chutney mayo – delish!
  4. Piccolina Toscana – terrific fresh pasta dishes and pizzas
  5. Kelly’s Logan House – good pub food
  6. Gianni's – pizza, hoagies
Downtown Wilmington (from THS, take Route 52 South into downtown):
  1. Mikimotos – good sushi and Asian fusion selection
  2. Firestone – nice selection of American comfort foods – highly recommended are salads with their cornbread croutons! Near the waterfront.
Routes 202 and 1 Delaware and Pennsylvania – close to Tower Hill, Wilmington Friends, and Tatnall Schools and local hotels:
  1. Le Shio – terrific Asian fusion, available for lunch and dinner
  2. Jasmine – nice selection of Asian Fusion
  3. Panera – what admission officer doesn’t love Panera? There is one in the Fairfax Shopping Center (across from Astra Zeneca and near Le Shio) and another near Target, TJ Maxx and Trader Joe’s at the intersection of Routes 202 North and Naamans Road
  4. Harvest – good seasonal and local fare. This is in the Eagle Village shopping center in Glen Mills, PA, near Whole Foods (stock your rental car with snacks!
  5. Terrain at Styers – a really wonderful place for lunch and dinner with a farm to table ethos. This and its more casual café are tucked in the back of a garden and lifestyle shop (Terrain), owned by Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters. Across the street from the Brinton Lake shopping center on Route 1 (northbound side) in Glen Mills, PA