Upper School


The Upper School at Tower Hill is a college-like atmosphere that helps achieve our most important goal: crafting a high school educational experience that shapes leaders, bolsters moral values and balances hard work with a healthy, optimistic and fun outlook. Students are encouraged to maximize their potential in all areas, and the true benefit of a Tower Hill education is realized throughout a lifetime.

Tower Hill offers a varied and challenging course of study that is grounded in a fundamental liberal arts curriculum and augmented by creative and contemporary elective courses that are not only college-like in their rigor, but also in their variety. In place of AP courses, Tower Hill offers advanced and accelerated classes designed by faculty that better accomplish our educational aims and prepare students for the kind of in-depth, self-directed learning that is expected at the college level. That said, students still take and score very well on AP exams. Between core requirements and electives that help feed their curiosity and nurture their personal interests, Upper School students are at maximum intellectual engagement. 
Upper School is a time when activities outside the classroom matter most to our students. Competitive athletics, advanced artistic pursuits, meaningful service commitments, the exciting process of planning for college—these are some of the most stimulating, memorable years in our students’ lives.