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Welcome to the Tower Hill School Athletic Training web page. We hope that you'll check in regularly for updates and information on items such as school policy, forms for return to play, the athletic training profession and informative articles on a variety of sports medicine topics. 

What Does the Athletic Trainer Do?
The Athletic Trainers at Tower Hill are health care professionals. Athletic training encompasses the prevention, recognition and intervention of emergency, acute and chronic medical conditions. We are responsible for our students health before, during, and after athletic activities.  http://www.athleticbusiness.com/high-school/understanding-the-roll-of-athletic-trainers-in-high-school-athletics.html

ImPACT Testing
The Athletic Department has implemented the ImPACT test (Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing). The test is a 20-minute computer based test and no special preparation is required. The objective of the test is to have students establish a baseline cognitive score in the event of a future injury. Tower Hill currently offers the program to students in the Middle and Upper School. Tower Hill is one of the few schools in the mid-Atlantic region to use the ImPACT test with students three times during their Middle/Upper School years (grades 7, 9 and 11).  

Contact Athletic Trainer Megan O'Neill with any questions moneill@towerhill.org, 302-575-0550 Ext. 219 

Doctor's Notes for Return to Play
If your child is injured while participating in athletics at Tower Hill, it is our responsibility as athletic trainers to evaluate, treat and make recommendations as to what their level of activity should be in order to ensure a safe return. Some children may require taping/bracing, practice modification and some may require a visit to the doctor. Whether a visit to the doctor is a recommendation by the athletic trainers or arranged by the parent, it is the policy of school that we have a note from the physician clearing your child to return to play. Documentation protects both the school and your child; it allows us to keep track of injury history and to better communicate with the coaches and the school nurse. The physician's note may be brought in or emailed to the athletic trainer. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.  

Athletic Trainer: Megan O’Neill, 302-575-0550 moneill@towerhill.org
Brandon Slawson, 302-575-0550 bslawson@towerhill.org