Athletics and Physical Education Overview

Tower Hill believes that the physical wellbeing of our students is as important as their intellectual development and that many important lessons are taught through an athletic experience. Athletics and physical education are a fundamental part of the total curriculum at Tower Hill and are an integral part of the school day.

Beginning in preschool, students are exposed to developmentally appropriate physical activities that refine movement and motor skills. The exercises also highlight the importance of character, such as taking turns, playing by the rules and showing good sportsmanship towards fellow classmates.

The objectives of coaches and teachers are identical: to help young people reach their fullest potential intellectually, emotionally and physically. Coaches are teachers who deal with physical fitness as well as the fundamentals and strategies of sport. We offer our athletes, who vary in their interest and ability, quality programs that appropriately challenge them to stretch their outer limits of endurance, self-discipline, loyalty, self-confidence, leadership, cooperation and winning and losing graciously. Coaches are expected to uphold high standards and teach the valuable lessons that can be learned from athletic competition.