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Clubs are a great way for students to participate in extracurricular activities both in and out of school. They can help develop interests and encourage a sense of responsibility and service to the school and the larger community. Students are recommended to participate in at least one club, but many find they enjoy being involved in multiple clubs.

The clubs offered vary each year depending on the interest of the students. Any student may start a new club at the beginning of the school year by signing up and finding a faculty sponsor. Club leaders must check in with their Student Government Association representative once a month to share with them what they are doing and attendance. The following is a list of recent student clubs:

Student Clubs

The Insider
Continued from last year, we will work to bring a newsletter to the school every other week with school news and other articles written by students for students

Young Republicans
To provide a right leaning viewpoint on today's current events with an emphasis on open and respectful discourse.

TLC Club 
To inform kids not only how to study and prepare for tests but also teach them good school habits to develop and we would try to customize it to their learning style. 

Pride Club
To provide an affinity group for LGBTQIA students and allies and to encourage inclusion and discussion of LGBTQIA issues/concerns. 

Blue Gold Club
Educate the community, raise awareness and support for young members of our community with disabilities.

The Rubble
The Rubble is the student "newspaper." We want to cultivate an environment of self-expression, in which contributors can write articles about anything they want. However, articles are not the only contributions students can make. The Rubble also accepts photos, videos and many other things in lieu of an article. The idea is to get enough content together in one given month so that the website can be updated with an array of content. This year, we not only want to increase viewership, but also increase contribution.

The Breakfast Club
To go to Wilmington and serve food to the homeless, hungry or impoverished men, women or children. Ultimately, to give back to the Wilmington community and make it a happier and healthier place.

Girls Who Code
Girls Who Code is an organization of clubs focused on computer science education with branches across the nation. Computing is where the jobs are now and where they will be in the future. However, fewer than one-in-five computer science graduates are women. The club will focus on how to solve problems in the community and how to give ourselves the tools we need to succeed in the future job market. The club will offer learning opportunities for students to deepen their computer science skills and explore coding in a fun, friendly and relaxed environment. The Girls Who Code program creates opportunities for Girls Who Code alumni from high school to join the computing workforce. Our club joins a sisterhood of peers and role models who help students and alumni persist and succeed. I will be learning alongside all the club members, along with the faculty advisor, Mrs. Jordan, who has a background in computer science. Tower Hill’s branch of Girls Who Code will provide our students with a meaningful learning experience as well as allowing our students to enter into a passionate network of girls who are successful in the computer science world. 

Chess Club
The focus of chess club will be to promote the engagement of students interested in intellectual challenges in one of the most mentally challenging games ever. This club will provide an environment for experienced players to gather and improve their skills and will also provide an opportunity for beginners to learn the ins and outs of the game. 

Lit Page
Like the Lit Club of last year, the mission of this club will continue to try and provide a creative outlet for anyone who wants to share any of their works in a low-stress and friendly environment. This year, we hope to take the collaboration aspect of the club even further by having interactive meetings and writing activities. 

Young Democrats Club
Empower young people to get involved in politics and engage them in conversation about political issues of today in a safe space.

The Astronomy and Astrophotography Club
To cultivate interest in the skies by allowing students to view celestial objects through the Tower Hill Observatory. We also hope to teach interesting facts through our in-school meetings, where we will also plan our out-of-school meetings.

Model UN
Tower Hill's MUN club engages in authentic simulations of the United Nations system through learning about the UN system, the skills of debate, compromise, conflict resolution and negotiation. MUN team members have fun learning about the workings of world diplomacy through the lens of current events, while improving their skills of communication. The club plans to attend three conferences this coming school year at Princeton, American University and University of Delaware. 

Math League
Math League is a club designed for math-lovers who are interested in taking a step further beyond their classes and participate in the regional Math League Competition.

Pickleball Club
The mission of this club is to introduce students to the relatively new sport of pickleball by providing instruction and then getting out and playing during some meetings (weather permitting). Hopefully this club will expand and be seen by other schools in the long run to perhaps start an interscholastic league.

Multiplying Good (Jefferson Awards)
We strive to engage our students in service through action by fostering meaningful connections that impact our community in a positive way. Our goal is to make service an integral part of our students’ lives, in school and beyond. We also would like to  promote and recognize exceptional volunteerism within our community. 

Science Olympiad
Science Olympiad aims to provide an environment in which students have the opportunity to learn various science topics hands-on through building, experimenting and analyzing.

Diversity Club
To educate/talk about issues within the community and globally, and understand the basics of the seven pillars.

Our overall mission is to "Do Good" by working with the B+ organization to raise awareness and help fight childhood cancer. 

Waterberg Club
As a club, we want to provide aid to children who attend the school. Whether it is a scholarship, buying books, buying a uniform or any other needs the school and its students may need. We also want to create a personal connection with the students by assigning “pen pals” to learn more about the South African culture and country itself.

Animal Awareness Club
Educating on all kinds of animal rights and awareness, donating money and materials to animal rights organizations and shelters, organizing volunteer opportunities and much more. 

So You Wanna Be a Doctor?
Our club's purpose is to entertain the interests of students looking to pursue a career in medicine. Despite our catchy name, this club is not limited to only those wishing to become doctors but is instead open to anyone with even the slightest interest in medicine. We plan on educating prospective medical professionals on the dynamic field of medicine, as well as covering the requirements needed to reach their goals. Our club will perform at least one medically related service trip this year, so students simply seeking involvement in community service activities are also welcome. In addition, membership in the club will entail basic first aid lessons (CPR, Heimlich Maneuver, etc.), which are a requirement for any career in medicine as well as just very useful to know in life. 

Asian Pop Culture Club
The purpose of this club is to introduce multiple aspects of Asian culture to those that are interested and provide them with a place to explore cultures that they may not be able to see or experience in daily life, playing into Tower Hill’s objective to be more present in our communities. Focusing on both lighthearted and serious aspects of Asian culture, the club will showcase different music, fashion and food, but it will also shine a light on more weighty subjects such as stereotypes and the complicated history between Asian countries and Western influences. This club will actively participate in international events both in school and locally, such as International Night and the International Women’s Club. By doing so, we hope to broaden the view of Asian and international culture to Tower Hill. The club will also serve as a structural gathering for the international community in Tower Hill, giving them a sense of familiarity in a new environment and a platform to talk about their own unique experiences and perspectives. As a recent new student coming from an international background, I am able to empathize with new students as they arrive in a close knit community that may not always understand their perspectives and/or struggles. We will strive to provide a safe space for these students to be comfortable with their identities as Asian international students and Asian American students, continuing to align with Tower Hill’s objective to be proud. 

Tower Hill Chapter of the Anthony Penna Club
Our mission is to raise funds and bring awareness to the Anthony Penna Charitable Fund. We plan on doing this by having different fundraisers and events throughout the school year. 

Academic Bowl Club
To provide a fun learning environment to get others to enjoy learning trivia and have fun in a buzzer style competition.

Equities and Assets Club
To promote a love of economics within the student body.

MENA Culture Exchange 
The mission of this club is to connect Tower Hill students with English learners in Morocco, establishing a cultural exchange. Through this club, interested students will be able to learn about the experiences of peers from different cultural backgrounds and challenge assumptions about other cultures and regions. Regular Skype sessions and potential travel will allow students to practice cross cultural communication skills, supporting Tower Hill’s objective of being proactive in bringing diversity and inclusion to our community. This will also be a great opportunity for students to build friendships with peers who live abroad, participate in meaningful discussions with cultural experts and contribute to creative projects internationally

Bollywood Club
This will be a fun club where everyone can experience the different cultures of India. We will be eating a lot of Indian food, listening to music and possibly watching Indian movies explore and understand the deep culture. We will also spread awareness for different Indian holidays and hold a Diwali and Holi festival celebration at Tower Hill. 

Mock Trial 
Mock Trial’s mission is to educate students on the ways of the legal system through the process of preparing for and participating in the Delaware State Competition in February. Members will work with a state released case and develop their own arguments to defend their side, as well as refute the claims of the alternate side. Within the case, students can take on the role of either an attorney or a witness. Witnesses put themselves in the mind of a witness, while attorneys work to construct opening and closing arguments, as well as examinations of witnesses. 

Robotics Club
The goal of our club is to make a FIRST Tech Challenge team that competes in events in Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Beekeeping Club
Teach students about beekeeping and maintain Tower Hill's hives. 

Black Student Association
For black students at Tower Hill to have a safe space to talk about whatever they need to.

Fantasy Football Club
Talk about fantasy football, understand the fundamentals of playing, review how many points players get, who to play in the week and who not to play.

Ping Pong Club
To provide a stress free outlet for competition and sportsmanship, and organize fun events and tournaments for the greater Tower Hill community. We may also participate in interscholastic competitions. 

Hispanic Food and Culture Club
Promote culture from Spanish speaking regions through food, movies, community service and discussions in the THS community. 

Young Businesswomen
Our goal is to create a comfortable environment for high school girls to learn and share fundamental aspects for the growing business world. The things you won’t learn in school.

Murder Mystery Club
To entertain... we will provide murder mysteries for interested participants to solve.

Fishing Club
Talk about fishing and go on fishing trips. 

Equality United
To provide a safe space for discussions of equal rights and current events, along with providing volunteer opportunities.

PYO (Put You On) Music 
To bring students together through different genres and taste of tunes!

Gourmet Food Club 
The goal of the club is to experience new foods through making and tasting fine foods. 

Sports Podcast Club 
The Sports Podcast Club will record and upload weekly videos to the West 17th Sports TV Youtube channel. We will debate current events in sports, predominantly but not exclusively NBA and NFL updates and predictions. We look to have five-to-six people per podcast, as well as two editors and technical supporters per video. The people in each podcast will be determined in the meeting prior to the recording day. This club provides an outlet for different views on sports content. Remember: Hot Takes are encouraged. 

Bipartisan Student Engagement
Bipartisan Student Engagement has two primary goals. The first is to educate and inform the student body on pertinent social and political issues. These issues would not only affect the THS community, but would have global impact as well. With this background information, club members would have a rational debate and form a consensus. Using this consensus, club leadership would then decide how this would best be communicated and used to make a difference in the community.

Prepare Tower Hill students, particularly undergrads, to appreciate themselves and who they are through debates, open conversations and various group activities. Another goal is to strengthen students' ability to proudly speak about things they find passion in or find worthy of talking about.

Health Profession Interests
To introduce students to a variety of health professions. 

Spikeball Club
To establish Spikeball games and tournaments within Tower Hill. Members sign up in groups of two and will be matched throughout the year to compete against one another.

Celebrate Every Day Club
Celebrate every moment and live to the fullest.

Forum Council
Forum Council is the group of students that help to decide what the Forum Series for the year will be about and who the Forum Speakers will be. Students propose ideas for the Forum Series that they would like to hear about. In addition to presenting ideas for the Forums, members of the Council have the opportunity to have dinner with the speakers.