• Global Scholars
Upper School

Global Scholars

Tower Hill’s Global Scholar Certificate Program provides Upper School students with opportunities to explore global dynamics, leadership and cultural growth. Participating students complete academic coursework, language proficiency, travel, a senior project, and extracurricular activities and service with a worldwide focus.
Students who choose to take part immerse themselves in one of Tower Hill’s language offerings—Mandarin, Spanish, French or Latin—for least seven semesters. In addition, they finish four additional papers or projects related to global inquiry during electives taken during their junior and senior years. For example, students could investigate water purification systems for developing nations in chemistry class; wind power solutions in physics; vaccination policies in health; or the ramifications of the refugee crisis in history class.
In addition to the academic requirements, students:
  • Participate in an approved extracurricular activity for a minimum of three years, ranging from the Bollywood and Chinese Culture clubs to Model United Nations and Young Democrats/Republicans;
  • Take part in a service-learning project, such as tutoring in a foreign language, volunteering where language skills are a necessary component of the task or volunteering with an organization that is global in nature;
  • Participate in an international or domestic travel experience sponsored by Tower Hill, with current offerings including France, Italy, Australia, Costa Rica and Tanzania; and
  • Prepare a presentation for Middle School students about a global health issue.
Throughout their senior year, students complete a culminating portfolio focusing on a global topic that includes research, self-reflection and an oral presentation. The director of global initiatives and a panel of faculty and staff evaluate each portfolio.
Participating students receive a global scholar certificate and a notation on their transcripts. To apply, students must be interviewed and explain why they are interested in the program, what they hope to learn and what in their opinion makes a person a global citizen.
“We want our students to be conscientious, global citizens with a broad outlook that extends beyond their individual experiences. It’s about the student not only understanding who they are at home, but also who that person can be around the world. The Global Scholar Certificate Program is a way to systematically track and recognize students who go above and beyond in this realm.”    
—Director of Global Initiatives Eduardo Silva