Upper School
College Counseling

We utilize Scoir as our college search and application portal for our students. Scoir is an all-in-one platform that houses each individual student's academic and testing information; the portal allows students to customize and record their college searches, keep notes on their research and receive input from their college counselor and parents on their search. It also includes statistics on how well our students have fared in the application process at most individual colleges. Finally, Scoir is the portal through which the college counseling office will submit all of your required application materials from Tower Hill School.

Parents will be provided with individualized log-in information that will allow you to access your students’ profile and observe their search and application process. The portal is kept up to date with college admissions visits, application requirements, and deadlines. The website also allows the student and parent to keep track of all required application documents and when they have been completed and submitted. 

We begin the process with a tool called YouScience; a career assessment tool that will help you begin your exploration of potential majors and careers of interest. We encourage you to begin to get excited about the upcoming process!