Upper School
Student Life

Student Leadership and Involvement

Tower Hill believes that every student is capable of developing leadership skills and offers a wide range of opportunities for our students to get involved and to lead. Leadership skills include communication, cooperation, team-building, leading by example, problem solving, and implementation of initiatives. In the Upper School, we believe that good leaders are active leaders—students interested in running for positions should be prepared to roll up their sleeves and work. Positions available include student government offices, board chairs, board representatives, club leaders, athletic captains and peer tutors. 

Student Government Association 
The goals of the Tower Hill Upper School Student Government Association are as follows: 
  • SGA upholds Tower Hill’s core values of honesty, responsibility and respect throughout Student Life, which represents the core pillars of our program: Arts, Athletics, Activities, Service, Honor, Social Justice, Global Initiatives, Communications, Environmental Stewardship, Social and Green Keys. SGA promotes collaboration and student empowerment through its board system. It serves as a voice for the student body (listening to problems and concerns), helps facilitate change, strives to improve community pride, upholds the honor code and fosters leadership and citizenship among all students in the Upper School community. 
  • The specific delegated responsibilities of the SGA shall be to: 
  • Serve as the official representative of the student body to the faculty and administration 
  • Act as consultants to the faculty and administration concerning all matters of student life 
  • Promote school spirit and unity by sponsoring a variety of social events 
  • Work in conjunction with the Assistant Head of Upper School/Dean of Students concerning all matters of student life 
Student Senate 
This group is made up of the following elected officers: 

Class Officers
Student Government Association: President, Vice-President, Press Secretary 
Senior Reps: President, Vice-President
Junior Reps: President, Vice-President 
Sophomore Reps: President, Vice-President 
Freshman Reps: President, Vice-President 

SGA promotes collaboration and student empowerment through its Board system. 
These Boards are essential to the student leadership experience and involvement within school life. They represent the core pillars of our Upper School program and work collaboratively to promote their mission and greater awareness of their area within the community. The student chair(s) of each Board attend SGA meetings and should report back to their Board members when they meet. Boards are asked to present/host at least one event during the year and/or make a presentation to the Upper School about what they do. Each Board has a faculty advisor who helps facilitate meetings of the Board, review the Board’s purpose, and plan events/activities for the year. Boards should meet at a mutually convenient time with everyone on the Board. Students should be actively involved in these events from start to finish! 

Board Chairs 
Board Chairs are responsible for calling and running meetings, providing agenda, posting minutes, listening and helping to implement initiatives. They also must attend SGA meetings, where they will present a report from their Board. Board chairs also must be certain to lead their particular Boards in accordance with the mission of that Board. Each Board is required to hold an orientation session for its members where guidelines are established, run a community awareness assembly for the Upper School and promote the Board’s mission.