Requirement Options

All Upper School students must successfully complete the Community Service Program, which is a requirement for graduation.  
Requirement can be met several ways:
  1. An experience where the student is concentrating involvement in one activity with a minimum of forty hours served over a twelve month period.
  2. An experience where the student performs a total of 40 hours of service with several different organizations with a minimum of ten hours served per organization throughout the course of their Freshman, Sophomore or Junior year.
  3. Via a Tower Hill sponsored service trip.  
  • Group Capstone Project
    • Group of 2-4 students
    • Groups will choose a social justice issue.  For example:  poverty, hunger, child abuse, literacy
    • Find an organization that will benefit from group service
    • Research, document and problem solve with organization on ways to help
    • Each student performs 20 hours of service for the organization
    • Reflection project ex. Movie, Presentation, with invited Guest Speaker, etc.
    • To be completed within a twelve month period.
    • All group members must fill out CS forms
 4. Season of Service
Season of Service is a program that will begin Nov. 15 and end March 1 and will fulfill a winter athletic requirement. It will run Monday through Friday from 3-5:30 p.m. unless otherwise specified by the organization. The requirement will be 40-60 hours of service with one of our partnering groups (Serviam Academy, First State Squash, Boys & Girls Club, Nativity Prep). The activities will vary from mentoring, tutoring, homework help, coaching, etc., depending upon the needs of the organization. If you have not completed your service requirement, this opportunity will qualify. Students will keep a log of their hours initialed by their supervisor at the end of each week. Those who are interested in this opportunity should see Ms. Morrow.
The service must be:
  • Approved by the Director of Service Learning, BEFORE the project is begun.  Projects that are not pre-approved will not be accepted.
  • Non-paying and be performed outside of Tower Hill.
  • Performed during the 9th, 10th, or 11th grade year.
    • *New students entering tenth or eleventh grade must complete the full requirement. New students entering twelfth grade are required to volunteer a minimum of fifteen hours prior to graduation.
  • Completed by opening day of the student’s senior year.
  • Performed for an individual or a community whose culture/circumstances is/are different from the student's.
  • Evaluated by the student and the project supervisor at the conclusion of the project using the proper forms.