Global Initiatives
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Academic Exchange Initiated with St. Catherine’s School in Melbourne, Australia

Tower Hill will begin an international academic exchange program with St. Catherine’s School in Melbourne, Australia, in March 2016. This elite, independent girls’ school is felt to be an ideal fit for our girls at Tower Hill. A relationship has been established between our two schools, and we are in the process of looking to establish a relationship with a boy’s school of equal caliber to begin an exchange in the 2016–2017 school year for sophomore boys.
In the early March 2016, we are inviting Tower Hill sophomore girls to travel to Melbourne, Australia for three weeks (approximately March 6 – 26 – we will miss the week of school before Spring Break). Several days will be spent in Sydney before flying to Melbourne and spending 2 weeks as St Catherine’s students. St. Catherine’s families will host our girls.
In late March 2016, girls from St Catherine’s School will travel to the United States for approximately 3 weeks. After spending a few days in New York City, they will travel to Wilmington and then spend 2 weeks at Tower Hill as students.
Sharon Reynolds will accompany the girls to Australia and be their guide in Sydney. She will be in Melbourne with the girls during the exchange, but the experience there will be largely independent of her, allowing the girls to build a relationship with their host family and St. Catherine’s school.
For more information, contact Sharon Reynolds at