Middle School
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Middle School Reading Madness

The March Reading Madness has come to an end. In honor of I Love to Read Month, students in the Middle School participated in a March Madness reading competition.  Each homeroom had two teams competing for the most points (pages read). While the competition did not end with a three point shot in the last second of the game, it did end with a big win:  Mrs. Applegate’s Home team with a total of 21,500 pages read. Congratulations Mrs. Applegate’s Home team!  The entire middle school should be congratulated for their participation.  The collective pages of free-reading for the middle school was over 244,000 pages. Wow! What an impressive accomplishment for our students. 
Throughout the tournament, prizes were awarded to weekly winners. The weekly winners were:
Week One – Most pages read: Mr. Mulvena’s Home team
Week Two – Greatest percent increase over week one: Mrs. Anderson’s Home team
Week Three – Increase in pages read three weeks in a row: Mrs. Zehner’s Home team
Week Four – Most pages read per grade:
5th Grade: Mrs. Applegate’s Home team
6th Grade: Mr. Theim’s Visiting team and Mrs. Reese’s Home team
7th Grade: Mrs. Lupinetti’s Visitors team
8th Grade: Mrs. Anderson’s Home team.