Upper School
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Entrepreneurial Club Competes at Diamond Challenge

The 2016 Diamond Challenge included presentations from numerous students arriving from schools across the East Coast. Divided into two sections, the groups of students presented various ideas ranging from collapsible bicycle helmets to interchangeable keyboard parts. The ideas that were presented were also divided into two classifications: social projects and business concepts. The Tower Hill group in particular focused on the business side with their company Tech Wisdom.
After dividing the students into two different sections, they were ushered into a room where they were to present their ideas in front of a panel of judges. After presenting, the judges were able to ask questions to the students with helpful criticism that could be used to improve their ideas. Depending on the idea, the questions ranged from how people were going to outsource their products to how they could deliver and produce it.
Preceding the presentation of ideas, the students were led into an auditorium where they learned about certain skills pertaining to business and public speaking. Emphasizing the idea of getting started, the speaker told a story about his struggle in popularizing the waterfront with a festival. Knowing that the idea had trouble in the past, the speaker explained how he was able to get started, which, consequently, allowed for the whole event to become a success.
The Diamond Challenge conference was not just presentations by groups of students. The conference included talks from people such as the head of entrepreneurship at DelTech and a founder of Jefferson Awards.
—Hugh Love '17