Leadership and Strategic Plan

Have a Wonderful Summer

Dear Tower Hill Families,
With grades posted, lockers cleared, faculty meetings completed, and students off enjoying these long, early days of summer, Tower Hill’s hallways are quiet and the 2015-16 school year has come to a close. Summer is a time of rest, relaxation, and reflection as we look back on our accomplishments, engage in professional and personal development, and recharge for year ahead. I look forward to delving into my ever-growing pile of books to read and adding a few titles shared by our faculty and compiled into this list by our librarian, Ellen Potter.
I have been impressed with and appreciative of all the ways our faculty, students, and families have embraced our word for the year — gratitude — and our two institutional goals: curricular innovation and being a school of Wilmington and the world. While we will continue to embed these important goals into the fabric of our lives at Tower Hill, I look forward to sharing details about our institutional goals for the 2016-17 school year with you later this summer. Our faculty and administrative team have engaged in preliminary conversations about our institutional goals for next year, as well as a word for the year. I am ever grateful to our faculty, students, parents, alumni, and trustees for all the ways we come together and contribute to this wonderful school community. From the words of Ted Loder, I wish you each "a season of sun and slow motion, of games and porch sitting, of picnics and light green fireflies, on heavy purple evenings."
I would like to close the year by sharing English faculty member John Robinson’s lovely Invocation from this year’s Graduation; his words have meaning for all of us:
May you find spiritual gladness, courage and resilience on your continuing path through life. Whether the source of your soulfulness be the mystery of a god, the beauty of nature, the wonderful human extravagance of art, the evocative rhythms of music, the elegance of poetry, the delightful intricacies of math or science, or the selfless act of kindness or perhaps all the above, may your quest be ennobled by your presence, by your mindfulness.
You may not find the meaning of life, but please live your life meaningfully. May you make the world not only beautiful but also just, receive our hopes for you on this day with the wholehearted sincerity with which they are given.
Wishing you a wonderful summer, 

Elizabeth C. Speers
Head of School