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Forum Lecture Series Begins Sept. 29

We as a country and as a world are at an interesting and exciting time of change. Pivotal political, environmental, technological and social changes are felt each and every day as we get a glimpse into what the future will hold. The2016-2017 Forum Lecture Series theme focuses on change in a variety of areas and with a broad base of notable experts. The first lecture of the year features:

PW Singer 
Next War: The Future of Technology and Geopolitics
Thursday, Sept. 29, 7:30 p.m., Pierre S. du Pont Arts Center
Robots, artificial intelligence, cyberwar, 3D printing, bio-enhancements and a new geopolitical competition; the 21st century is being shaped by a range of exciting, and scary, new trends and technologies. A best-selling author described by the Wall Street Journal as "the premier futurist in the national-security environment" and a consultant for groups that range from the CIA and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs to Hollywood and the Call of Duty video game series, Singer uses a exciting speaking style to explore for an audience the key trends emerging today that will shape the world of technology and security tomorrow.
This evening lecture is required for Upper School students and open to current parents, faculty/staff and trustees. We are ever grateful to the Rappolt Family for founding the Forum in honor of their children Gabrielle ‘93, Sarah ‘96 and Bill ‘99, and in recognition of the dedication, scholarship and professionalism of the Tower Hill faculty.
—Tara Malloy, History Department Chair