Leadership and Strategic Plan

A Warm Greeting

Dear Tower Hill families,
I have enjoyed spending the first few days of school greeting our students and shaking hands with them on the front steps as they arrive. In our technological world, a firm handshake and a "look in the eye" greeting may be deemed "old fashioned." However, this simple gesture is critical for making a personal connection and building relationships. 
At Tower Hill, we want to know that our students are not only equipped academically but also confident people. While the electronic age of texts, posts and snaps may be the milieu in which our children grow up, Tower Hill will always expect our students to interact in meaningful and human ways.
A hallmark of the Tower Hill experience is the way in which our teachers truly know their students. While celebrating our history and tradition, we are also committed to earnest dialogue about our progress with academic innovation, as well as individualized and student-centered learning. We look forward to sharing a summary of the data research we performed last spring, thanks to your feedback. We also look forward to announcing our Strategic Planning Committee soon, as this group will utilize much of the research findings as a foundation upon which to build our Strategic Plan. 
This weekend I will be attending a wedding of a former advisee of mine from Episcopal Academy. I remember shaking her hand for the first time!


Elizabeth C. Speers
Head of School