Leadership and Strategic Plan

A Balanced Education

Dear parents,  

Tower Hill's faculty, staff and administrators 
form the team that delivers and perfects our mission for your children on a daily basis. Right now, we are amidst exciting work that ensures our students continue to receive the most relevant, rigorous, exhilarating and balanced education, ever. This requires bold and innovative thinking, the ability to balance pride in what we are doing well with an excitement about continually refining teaching and learning at Tower Hill. This requires time to dialogue, discuss and be self-reflective as teachers and as a school. 
I am proud and heartened by the agility I see within the Tower Hill team. Our teachers truly care about the big picture; they care viscerally about the experience of our students, and I hear and see each day all the ways they are willing to be nimble in their roles to prepare Tower Hill students for a complex world.
To this end, we are engaging in schoolwide committees and conversations via our Rigor and Balance Task Force, our Tower Hill Innovation Team, the Strategic Planning Committee, a Scheduling Think Tank group, our Faculty (Professional) Development Committee and more. In addition, I depend weekly on the senior Administrative Team to discuss challenges and progress on a whole array of topics, so that as a school, we are well positioned to be at once proactive, creative and responsive. Our students and teachers deserve the very best. 
I feel fortunate to work with such a committed team of teachers, staff and administrators. We have much to accomplish, and we have much about which to be proud. 


Elizabeth C. Speers
Head of School