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Happy Holidays!

Dear Tower Hill families,
What a week it has been! I know our students and teachers are ready for a well-deserved break, and I hope you take time to make sure that your child really does rest and recharge. Tower Hill expects much from your children, and each day we are inspired by their dedication and commitment to do their very best. In order to have all of this hard work soak in and fully benefit them, breaks are important and actually enhance our children's ability to perform at high levels. 
To this end, please encourage your child to:
Get some additional sleep
Read or write a poem
Cook or bake something 
Watch the news with you one evening
Share their hopes for the second half of the year with you
Draw a picture of a hero
Talk on the phone with a relative who lives far away
Realize that he/she is fortunate to attend school
Breathe deeply and appreciate something that happened during the day
Do some yoga or stretching with you on the floor together
Drink lots of water
Clean a closet or a drawer
Recycle something 
Walk with you somewhere instead of driving
Ask you to tell stories about your own childhood
Look through old photo albums
Teach you a game they like to play, even if it is electronic 
Play a board game with you and friends
Eat a bowl of popcorn with you
Play "I Spy" in your house
Share something that worries them
Give you a hug! 
We have had a busy stretch of entertaining in Hayward House, with wonderful THS gatherings of all sorts including Upper School Head’s Council, faculty/staff holiday party and prospective student gatherings. Thank you especially to our Green and White parent volunteers, our Home and School leadership and committees, our parent ambassadors, and so many others of you who support our teachers, students and Tower Hill. 
As for the Speers family, we look forward to gathering together for the holidays right here in Wilmington, with perhaps a trip to NYC or further north. See you in the New Year. 
With appreciation, 
Elizabeth C. Speers
Head of School