Middle School
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Students Read 114,000 Pages in One Month

In honor of I Love to Read Month, five- and sixth-grade students participated in a March Madness reading competition. Each reading class earned points by adding up their number of  “reading for pleasure” pages. While the competition did not end with a buzzer-beater basket, it did end with a big win:  Mrs. Connor’s section 69 with a total of 25,100 pages read. Congratulations!
The entire 5th and 6th Grades should be commended for their participation. Collectively, they completed over 114,000 pages of free-reading in one month. Wow! What an impressive accomplishment for our students. 
Throughout the tournament, a variety of prizes were awarded. The winners were:
Most pages read in the first-half (and the second half):  Mrs. Connor’s section 69
Most pages read in the 5th Grade: Mrs. Reese’s section 510
Most improved second-half: Mrs. Connor’s section 511