Leadership and Strategic Plan

Parents' Nights

Dear parents,

This week we extend the greeting Shana Tovah, which means "good year" in Hebrew, as a way of sending best wishes to our Tower Hill families, students and faculty as well as to neighbors right here in Wilmington and those around the world who are celebrating Rosh Hashanah. This is the first of the Jewish high holy days, and the celebration marks the beginning of the new year in the Jewish calendar.

It is also the beginning of a new year at Tower Hill, and it was wonderful to see so many of you at our back-to-school parents’ nights in all three divisions. The interest and care you take in your children, their teachers and the Tower Hill community inspires all of us. Some of the comments parents shared with us at parents' nights included:
  • I am impressed with all my child's teachers and love the combination of new teachers and those who are not new to Tower Hill. It's a perfect mix.
  • There is a great spirit about THS this fall that we can sense through our child and as we visited classes.
  • There is a breath of fresh air; new teachers seem as if they have been here forever, and we love seeing people like Mr. Wismer and Mrs. Applegate.
  • We are confident about the year ahead because our child is happy.
  • We are looking forward to meeting new families.
  • We think the school is now focused on the right things; and this was palpable at parents' night.
  • We are amazed by the dedication and organization of our child's teacher. It is all so personal and our child is known here.
  • The communication we have received from teachers and the school on many fronts is much stronger.  
Have a wonderful weekend, and happy new year — Shana Tovah!