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New Students

Dear parents,
In schools, it is always important to listen and learn from our students. New students can share a particularly important perspective, as they offer a fresh lens on our commitment to a student-centered culture at Tower Hill. Each year as head of school, I have always invited groups of new students to my office in the fall to hear how they are settling in and to share a bit of school history. ​
Recently I met with our new Upper School students, and ​this week I had fun meeting with some of our new Lower School students. I look forward to meeting with our new Middle School students soon, too. 
Our new students shared the following observations and questions with me: ​

  • I​ am​ still learning my way around, but everyone helps and is friendly when I​ get lost.
  • I​ ​think I ​can have friends in all grades here; that is not the same at other schools.
  • My ​teachers here seem to ​care more than at my old school.
  • I​ used to have 32 students in my class; here the classes are smaller.
  • The food is really good at Tower Hill​!
  • I have to work really hard here, ​but it seems like everyone else is working hard too — and you can ask for help from your teachers. 
  • I like the sports and the schedule. 
  • ​I​ want to try new things, and it is cool to be smart here.
  • And when sharing photos of the school in 1919, one third-grade student raised her hand and asked me, Mrs. Speers, were you here then?
Caring teachers, ​small​ class sizes, a rich history, smart students​… and good food — our new students seem to be quick studies on several aspects that make Tower Hill such a wonderful community. I welcome hearing feedback from parents as well, and I do hope you will take time to attend one of our upcoming Breakfasts with Bessie this Monday, Oct. 2Monday, Oct. 16 and/or Monday, Oct. 30 to continue the conversation! ​
Have a good weekend,