Leadership and Strategic Plan

Challenging Times

Dear parents, 
Our students and faculty have done an admirable job keeping focus this week amidst very sad news, both locally and nationally. Earlier this week, a student at Archmere lost his life as the result of a car accident. Additionally, many fellow citizens lost their lives and were injured in the horrific and senseless tragedy in Las Vegas. 
In challenging times, the Tower Hill community extends love and support, student to student, teacher to student, and school community to school community. In doing so, we heal a part of ourselves, even though we may forever grapple with unanswered questions. The students at all of our schools are dear to us. Our hearts and prayers go out to the entire Archmere community at this sad time.
Our students and the Tower Hill community have galvanized to support our friends and colleagues at Archmere, to take care of our students and each other, and to pay tribute to fellow citizens in Las Vegas. We have observed several moments of silence this week in various venues, and our flag is at half staff. Cards and pens have been made available to our students, should they wish to write a note of condolence. One of our school counselors provided additional counseling support to students at Archmere. Our Upper School students gathered in assembly to hear about the student's passing together; they were then offered the chance to meet, reflect, be silent or discuss anything they were feeling, given the week's events. And of course, teachers in each division are paying close attention to age-appropriate sensitivities with our students in handling news that can be sad, scary and overwhelming, even to us as adults.
Perhaps the very best show of support has come from our students themselves. Yesterday, Upper School students decided to dress in green and white, also Archmere's colors, to create a message expressing Tower Hill's green-and-white solidarity with their fellow students at Archmere.  
As parents and teachers, we are reminded of the preciousness of life. All of us want our children and students to feel safe, to be protected from such tragedies and to grow up in a peaceful world. While unfortunately we cannot fully accomplish this, we can and will ensure that our students continue to be courageous and hopeful. Tower Hill teachers are truly the caretakers of hope, and it is your children who are indeed our hope!