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Fifth-Graders Host Annual Derivative Fair

In language class, the fifth-graders have been studying derivatives in other languages that come from Latin. For the Prima Lingua Derivative Fair on Thursday, Jan. 11, each student made a project illustrating many of the words that have evolved from one Latin word.

“The derivative fair allows students to explore many different languages, as students are required to research and find derivatives in various languages,” language teacher Katie O’Brien said. “Students are then exposed to these other languages and observe the multitude of similarities between them all.”

All fifth-graders take Prima Lingua during the first semester as a general introduction to foreign languages. During the second semester of 5th Grade, students take Spanish. For the first semester of their sixth-grade year, students take Mandarin. Students then take French during the second semester of their sixth-grade year. Students then pick one language to study in 7th Grade and beyond.

A general language course, like Prima Lingua, is great preparation for learning any foreign language, O’Brien said.

“It introduces students to characteristics that apply to many different languages,” she said. “Students are able to develop a general understanding of language before delving into the exploration of another language more deeply.”