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Music Groups Perform at Disney World Over Spring Break

Congratulations to the Concert Band, Orchestra and Concert Choir on earning high ratings at the Festival Disney at Disney World over spring break. The Orchestra has grown both in quality and quantity over the past few years and earned a rating of "Excellent" from the judges. The Concert Band earned a rating of "Excellent" with the "Best in Class" (highest score) of any Concert Band in festival competition. The Concert Choir bested 10 other vocal groups and took home the Gold with a rating of "Superior." In addition, Andrea Kowal '19 (piano) and Sarah Gano '22 (violin) won "Outstanding Student Accompanist" honors, and Claire Dignazio '21 won "Outstanding Vocal Soloist." 
All groups partook in workshops and received a number of positive comments from the clinicians, one remarking how "THS certainly doesn't sound like a group from any private school I've ever worked with. Amazing young musicians you have there!" Great job, everyone!