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Upper School Spanish Students Complete Final Project at Philadelphia Museum of Art

Students in the Advanced Spanish Seminar 431: History of Spain through Art, Music and Literature elective recently completed their final project at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Students were asked to find specific paintings by Spanish artists. They did this by using clues, hints and solving riddles. They also had to complete a scavenger hunt in which they were supposed to find the location of the Holy Grail. According to the legend, the Holy Grail was taken to Spain after the Templars were arrested in France. The museum has part of the Romanesque monastery from Northern Spain in which some believe this relic was hidden. Having all these paintings by Spanish artists like Picasso, Murillo, Miró and Velázquez, plus the remainings of this monastery, made the circumstances serendipitous to create this project!
—Alejandro Osorio-Hernandez, Upper School Spanish teacher