Students Front and Center

By Megan Cover, Head of Upper School

I love stories. They tell me the how, what and why of life’s different pathways: It might be a small decision, a career opportunity, a calling from within or a mutual connection that brings people from all over to a common place. Throughout my lifetime, that draw has been school. As both student and educator, my “home” has been consistently within the community where I have studied or worked, and it is community that fuels my passion for and commitment to education.

Twenty years ago, I joined Tower Hill as a French teacher and had no idea how much this school would shape my story, professionally and personally. What drew me to Tower Hill was its dedicated community of faculty, students, families and alumni. I was also impressed by the school’s commitment to the development of the whole child in mind, body and spirit. In my experience, Tower Hill has nurtured and promoted the unique gifts of many Hillers, helping them unleash their potential in preparation for active involvement within a rapidly changing and complicated world.

The student is front and center in all that we do as educators. In our holistic approach, Tower Hill has never wavered from high academic standards. This may mean balancing traditions with appropriate innovative ideas or programming that honors the past while also staying current and relevant by incorporating best practices from across the educational landscape. Equally important is our emphasis on character education and social-emotional development. This balance results in greater resilience, adaptability and empowerment. Student well-being has become an essential part of a Tower Hill education.

Connections between faculty and students are one of the many strengths of the Tower Hill experience. These relationships facilitate a natural engagement and openness from all to ensure our common goal of providing the greatest opportunities for each Hiller. They build confidence, trust and a willingness to take risks. They create a safe environment where community members can be true to themselves, meet challenges, lean on each other for guidance, instruction and assistance, seek out experiences and share their stories openly. Working together to unlock the promise of every member of our community facilitates a supportive and growth-oriented culture.  

As a career educator, I feel incredibly fortunate to be a part of Tower Hill, a community that significantly shapes and values each story, continues to connect me with many talented students and faculty, provides a launching pad for individual growth and ingrains the importance of lifelong learning into every Hiller, past and present.

Megan Cover
Head of Upper School