Reunion 2006 News

Past classed returned to Tower Hill to what many called, "one of the best homecomings ever!"  The community gathered under and around a tent on DeGroat field and shared in celebrating Tower Hill.

Pam Jennings ’01 thought her reunion was a great success.  She and about 18 others from her class headed to Buckley’s after the cocktail party here on campus.  They had a private room upstairs which was conducive to everyone catching up with one another.  Wilmington Friends ’01 was having their Reunion Dinner at Buckley’s in the next room at the same time!    Everyone had a great time visiting.

Lindsay Tonderys sent in pictures of her ’96 Reunion.  After the school cocktail party, she had people back to her house for refreshments and conversation.  Check your class notes on the new web page for a  report from Lindsay on all those who were present and those who could not make it but enjoyed catching up with Lindsay by phone or e-mail.

Paula Janssen and T.J. Herlihy made some phone calls to the class of ’91.  Though T.J. was unable to make Homecoming because of the birth of his second child, a number of fellow classmates joined Paula at the school cocktail party.  Alisha Wayman Bryson reported back that about 18 people met at the Iron Hill Brewery for a fun dinner and the class of ’91 appreciates T.J. and Paula’s efforts in getting people together

Mary Wiggin ’86 said that her Reunion was fantastic.  She created a web page for her class and after the cocktail party here on campus, the class of ’86 continued to reunite at the Columbus Inn.  Mary says she was too busy talking to take pictures but as soon as she gets pictures from other people, she will send them our way.

Larry Lee ‘81 worked with Marc Greenberg to get his class to the events on campus and later to Charlie and Bonnie Copeland’s for dinner.

Grace du Pont Engbring ’76 and Sally du Pont Quinn ’71 had a dinner at their parent’s house for both Reunion classes.  Grace reports back that it was a blast and she enjoyed getting together with everyone.  Grace writes that “The Classes of 1976 and 1971 celebrated their 30th and 35th reunions into the wee hours of the morning at Granogue. Turnout for both classes was astounding, dinner and refreshments were tantalizing, memories were shared, music was enjoyed, friendships were rekindled. Thank you Tower Hill for keeping us all together!”

Barbara Bours Brady ’66 sent us lots of pictures.  Her class also had a web page designed by Cynthia Keiser.  After the school reception, everyone had dinner at Pete and Tina Hayward’s house and you will see from the pictures that everyone continued to have a great time.

Gale Pierson McNish ‘61 reports that even though the Class of ’61 was not represented extensively, those who were here enjoyed themselves.  Gale said that she had many fun email conversations with classmates “all of whom seem eager to get to our 50th reunion”.  At the reception, Gale and her classmates enjoyed talking with Meg Gummy Lenher ‘61 whose husband, George Lenher ’56, was celebrating his 50th Reunion.  After the reception, Gale and her husband Doug and Toby Hoopes and Julie Patterson Hart enjoyed a wonderful dinner at Toscana.   Check your class notes on the new web page to see Gale’s report  on the latest from ’61.

Mary Henry Lyne ’56 said that the best part of her Reunion “was seeing so many old friends from my THS days: it was almost as if we hadn’t been apart for 50 years!  The tour of the school was special since the school has grown so much since we were there – new gymnasium, new, wonderful auditorium, larger classrooms, technology in use everywhere.  I just wish my grandchildren could attend this marvelous school.”  About 24 classmates from the class of ’56 and  their guests enjoyed dinner with Headmaster Wheeler at the Wilmington Country Club after the school reception.  Mary Laird Silvia had a slide show which everyone enjoyed with dessert.